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  1. I am a self employed debt advisor, i do some work for (EDITED) because i believe it is ethical and one of the good guys! I also volunteer at the CAB and do fundraisers for the hospice!!!! If I was here to exploit people then why whould i dish out all this advice, which i kow to be true!?!? I am not an expert in CCA, Bak charges etc but i do know about debt relief order, Bankruptcy, IVA and Debt Management Plans? I really dont see why you have such a problem with a qualified indidvidual giving advice???
  2. Hey, they dont have to inform your wife they just have to have her agree to the charge going on the property if she is named on the title deeds, which is normal if you own the hose outright or have a mortgage. It is unlikely that the bank will turn this into a loan themselves because they have security and know that overdrafts are the easiest way for them to make money. My initial advice would be to turn it into a loan yourself, as in change bank accounts, so have no money paid directly into it and no DD or standing orders leaving it, then transfer money into it yourself each m
  3. they will have a payment record of it and if you they can prove you are living at your current address, then its six years from the last time they contacted you. If it way that upsetting to you before then i would say you need to sort it. If you had access to any monies you could offer them a one off payment usually about 1/3 of what you owe, but generally as long as it compares to what they would get if you went bankrupt then they will probably accept it. If you cant get a lump sum then complete an income and expenditure form and as long as it complies with the CCS guidlines then they probabl
  4. A normal IVA term lasts for 5 years with the debtor being asked to remortgage in month 54, up to a maximum of 85% LTV and with the increase in mortgage payments not representing an increse of more than 50% of the IVA payment. However if the debtor cannot remortgage then creditors usually ask for another 12 payments taking the total term to 6 years. With the exception of those putting Northern Rock together mortgages into an IVA, where it is normally a minimum of 6 years up to a amaximum of 7 years (again if the debtor cannot remortgage). In either case, the final payment be it 6 years la
  5. Hey Katie, just wanted to let you know that with regards the joint debts, if you go bankrupt those creditors will probably leave you alone but go for your husband to have them repaid in full, dependant on the level of joint debt and if there is any equity in the house then it could be best for both of you to go bankrupt, this VERY MUCH DEPENDS ON EQUITY AND LEVEL OF DEBT THOUGH, so please dont think im suggesting bankruptcy all round. Just be aware that once the creditors know of one half of the joint loan going bankrupt they will either go one way or the other an leave your husband alone
  6. all advice is free, i will gladly give it today by email on here as i gave the lady generic advice. If your boiler was broken you would seek a plumber, if your car broke down you would take it to a garage. I simply suggested that the lady speak to a financial advisor re her mortgage. Regarding the site, in some instances a fee is payable but this is only ever if the client wants the company to deal with their case specifically, in some cases there is no fee, or the creditors pay the fee, either way advice is free, as in not charged for! i do believe it says that also.
  7. As is my advice - being an ex bankrupt myself then i would know. I am not advertising my website, you may read other posts where i have recommended CAB etc etc, I just know this company gives completely free advice, your problem with that would be??
  8. in excatly what area is your expertise? all assets are not necessarily seized in bankruptcy. The insolvency act makes provision for necessay items that the bankrupt needs to undertake his/ her trade or vocation as well as items of furniture and other fixtures and fittings in the home. If the property is in negative equity this does not form an asset for the purposes of the bankruptcy. Under the Insolvency rules 1986 the official reciever or trustee in bankruptcy may 'sell' the negative equity to a friend or partner of the bankrupt. etc. etc. so you may be able to keep your assets in a bankrupt
  9. Hey mslomo, who advised you against a debt management? this is probably the most flexible way of offering them something or rather getting a third party to act on your behalf. Debt Management Plans are not legally binding, this is an IVA. And the only way to come out of an IVA is bankruptcy or paying it in full. If you are looking at unenforcable agreements, please be aware that this is a long drawn out process and debt management may be the answer to relieve some of the stress in the meantime. Just beware that some dodgy internet companies may charge you the first two or even
  10. Hey, Just been reading through your posts, first question do you ahve the sums available to offer 30% of the balances all in one go? 2nd question are you a homeowner? Dependant on the answer to these would depend on what my advice to you would be. If you are a homeowner then offer them something if they wont take it from you informally then you could look at a one off IVA, which would mean that if a few declined as long as the rest agreed, it can be forced on the others. This wouldnt have to mean that you needed to give them 30% you could possibly give them 20%. Basically creditors loo
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