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  1. Hi guys I was recently clamped & then towed in a private car park in Brighton. There were signs up, although not particuarly big & covered in text. As I was in a rush I didn't realise... So about 2.5 hours later I came back to find the car missing. I phoned up the company & had to agree to pay to get the vehicle back. There wasn't much I could do at the time with it being about 12.30am & being miles from home so I paid the charge in order to get the vehicle back & avoid racking up further charges. The thing is the sign says that they will come back & tow the vehicle 2 hours after fitting the clamp, looking at the receipt they gave me it states that the car was "detected" at 9.30pm, clamped at 9.45pm & then towed at 11.30pm, so 1 hour 45 mins after the clamping. Therefore as it wasn't 2 hours later is the towing void? Thanks
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