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  1. This is yet more reason why I say let's do away with this archaic practice all together. People should do their job and get a reasonable wage for doing it. We don't tip most of the people who give us service, so why do we tip any? They are just doing their job. I also don't like the idea that bosses can use tips as an argument against paying decent wages. Good service from someone in a service industry should be expected, poor service should be complained about.
  2. Personally I will just stick with Windows 7 until it no longer works, then I'll look into one of the free operating systems. From what I have heard about Windows 8 and 10 I have no wish to "upgrade" to either of them.
  3. I agree with Hanc. I think that the very idea of tipping is outdated and degrading. People should be paid a decent wage for doing their job, and should always do it to the best of their ability. It is often because the management know waiting staff and some others get tips that they often don't pay their staff properly. I was once a coach driver, when coach drivers got tips, and that was the excuse used by my boss for not paying me a decent wage. Tipping is degrading because it harks back to the "master and servant" era, and I don't expect anyone to be my "servant", I just expect them to do their job and get paid properly for doing it. Tips or a service charge should definitely not be added automatically to bills.
  4. I had a debt to Abbey National when I closed my account with them. About 60% of it was due to unfair bank charges. I disputed these charges and said that I was willing to pay what I owed, but I would not pay the charges. They threatened to take me to court, and I told them to go ahead, but instead they passed the debt to a collection agency who then wrote to me. When I explained to the debt agency what had happened, they passed the debt back to Abbey saying that they did not want anything to do with it. After a considerable period of time, I was contacted by Link Financial saying that they had bought the debt. Is there anything I can do to get them off my back?
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