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  1. LOL Princess, Read/receipt, OK when you open the e-mail you are to send, there should be a menu bar across the top, Click the "view" button and select "options". On the window that pops you tick "Request a read receipt on this message" (near the bottom on the left hand side under "Tracking Options"). This means that when the message is opened by the receipant they will be presented with a request to confirm receipt. Hope the above helps (and it could be understood). BB ps I presume you are using MS Outlook (or Outlook Express).
  2. Hi again Lori, At this stage while saying "can I have my money back please" is both polite and very tempting, I think you should be pointing out that the deadline on their filing their defence in relation to your claim is due at the court on Tuesday. Failure to submit the defence will allow you to press for a judgement by default. etc. When you send the e-mail put a read/receipt on it and also ask them to acknowledge receipt of same. Cheers BB
  3. OK Princess, but an e-mail would be documentry evidence you have made every effort to help them out. Might be an idea to send confirmation e-mail after the call. Good luck BB xx
  4. Hey Lori, I know their date for submission of the defence is Tuesday so too late to post a gentle prod to them. Do you have an e-mail address for anyone in the legal dept you could nudge instead? As you know the more you do now could help if it goes to judgement on Wednesday. Best of luck BB xx
  5. Hi Trish, She will either reach for the tissues or a stiff drink I imagine, she won't rush back with the next offer but she will be back. Let me know how the meet goes . BB
  6. Hi Tricia, Samll but quick point, when mine was going through Mercantile it was scheduled for a "Directions" hearing, I asked the court what documentation I would/should bring on the day and was told that I would not need a lot as this would be a very quick hearing to decide how the claim was to go forward. It might be worthwhile talking to the court to see if you have to prepare the Bundle at this stage. I will admit that I didn't need it for the directions hearing. Not sure if I have eased or further shredded your nerves now. Sorry and best of luck BB
  7. Hi Bat, Really great news and congratulations to you. Getting ready for the sequel allready. Regards BB
  8. Hi Sue, Court date just round thhe corner for you then. They will advise when they need the bundles but never too early tio start. What do you mean 2 staff escaped:eek: . Catch up again soon BB
  9. Tricia, You will not be the one to go to court, otherwise you would have won the lottery by now. Prodding Abbey is always entertaining but I don't think they will be forthcoming with a result till closer to THE DATE!!. Best of luck though BB
  10. Hi Tricia, Fantastic news for you, not much longer to wait at all then. Baited breath as ever!! BB
  11. Hi Bev, It is a bit annoying but have they sent you any statements / list of charges as yet? Regarding the time laps, if they have informed you in writing that the rest of the information will be forthcoming then, I believe, technically they have complied with the requirements of the SAR, you will get the information but it will be delayed. Had a similar situation myself so when 45 days had passed I sent the prelim letter asking for my charges back and estimated the amount based on the inforation they had sent me. I clearly stated that the total was an estimate as they had not provided all the information requested in my Subject Access Request letter. In fact I filed the estimated amount at CC after the Prelim and LBA deadlines had passed, when they acknowledged the claim all the missing information turned up (surprising that ). I then had to ammend the claim at the courts which required the N244 form and a further (non reclaimable) £35 fee, but it did maintain my timescales. Hope this helps, and if you want to look at the SAR non Compliance letters they are here:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6986-data-protection-act-non.html Best of luck BB
  12. Not sure if this is the right place to post this but: Ukrecruiter is a Recruitment news and information portal, the send a weekly e-mail newsletter to 14,000 people in the recruitment industry. Last week they asked recipiants of the newsletter to send suggestions for "interesting" sited and I sent them this URL. This was carried in todays news letter so hopefully some more people will hear about it and take action. Regards BB
  13. Morning all, Slightly new twist to the ongoing discussion, there are times when the main chatroom veers away from the "help & advise" service it offers, personal opinion it makes it interesting and adds a level of humanity and humour to the process however I appeciate that as times when its busy new members can get lost at the speed things move at. One issue I see is that when you log onto chat the first room you land at is Help & Advise and it is very easy to settle in for a chat as it were, so, would it be possible before you get to the room you are presented with a menu requesting where you want to go either "Help & Advice" or Off Topic. This I hope would make people more aware of what to expect and make a choice of what they should be chatting about. (Think it might be safe to hide for a bit now) Cheers BB
  14. Lol Thanks DS and I will welcome all assistance, it is much appreciated, will be checking your thread to see what surprises are in store for me. Thanks again BB
  15. This is getting very "Big Brother" now, should I be worried?
  16. HI Tenmen, If it helps this link will take you the "New Thread" page on the Lloyds Forum. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=11 Best of luck BB
  17. Morning Steven, I would think most of the cases are having to go as far as filing the claim at court and going through the process of getting a court date, however the banks are not going to court ans usually settler just before this date. So expect to file the claim, see a defence from the defendant, fill in the allocation questionnaire and probably complete the court bundle all for abbey to settle in full before the court date. Best of luck and it might be an idea to repost (or get a MOD to move this thread moved) to the Abbey Forum. Cheers BB
  18. 'Lo again Tricia, Definitly dad (and less of the grand, if you dont mind), nothing much happening on the thread at the moment but here is the link. And as for novice pppppppfffffftttttttttt!!!!!! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/86471-bitingback-abbey-ii-sequel.html Cheers BB
  19. Excellent news for you DS, and Tricia, silly me I should have known you would be busy;) . I'm doing fine thx for asking, after a bit of a lul as things elsewhere were very busi I have just started on Abbey (again) with a second account. So will be coming to yu for tips now. Will keep you posted on my thread. Regards BB
  20. Daft Question but what constitutes Proof of ID please, you can guess I haven't sent same so wouldnt moid preempting them. Thanks thus far
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