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  1. Hi guys Thanks a lot for all your help, really appreciated even if it's not exactly what I'd hoped to hear. I can see where you're ocming from - perhaps I should've just assumed it'd be P&D and had a thorough look around, but there are ltos of 'max stay 2 hrs' and similar bays around Leeds (I've been noticing everything since this ticket...) so I still think it's unfair how uclear the signage is. So, whilst I woudl prefer to try challenge the PCN, I'm going to just do the quicker & easier thing and pay the £25 ratehr than risk payign double, especiallya s I'm going on holiday tomo
  2. Green and mean -I found that on a website dedicatecd to ticket fighting but herhaps they were wrong/typo. The bays I think were under 30m long so I guess that one (obscured) sign is legally OK after all. But I don't want this technicality to become the main issue anyway - and if there is just the one sign then it definitely should be visible!
  3. Hi dx, thanks for your reply - I've only just moved to Leeds and this was my first time parking in the city centre (other than in multi-stories). I was visiting the council to sort out council tax for the new house, and I actually phoned up in advance to ask about parking and get directions, was advised to park on street (if only they'd mentioned it was P&D!) This was a genuine error, maybe if I'd spent a long time really checking I could've found the sign but I think this isn't a realistic expectaation - if the sign had been obvoius, I'd have paid, it's that simple really!
  4. Sorry about the length of this and number of replies! Looking forward to your thoughts (shuold mention, that if I do just pay then I need to do this before the 21st to keep the discounted rate....) Thanks again Gavin
  5. I also wrote the following in the letter I sent the council: "I should also point out that even if this sign hadn’t been obscured, it would still be very easy to think the street wasn’t in a pay & display area as there were so few signs with such a large distance between them – indeed, the obscured sign was the only sign on the side of the street where I was parked. According to the 2002 Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions, in an area with parking bays at the side of the road there should also be signs within 5m of each end of the parking bays – photos C, D and H show tha
  6. Image I shows no signs on entrance to street either (though the council's reply says there are signs on the entrance to the controlled parking zone - however, I've never seen these, don;t know where the zone starts/ends, and they failed to point this out to me in their response - maybe I shuold telephone and ask for evidence??)
  7. Images E, F, H and I all show the lack of signs on the street - the obscured sign was the ONLY sign on my side of the street.
  8. Images A, B and C below show the sign being obscured (my vehicle is the red van):
  9. Hi all This is my first post on here, seems a helpful place so your opinions would be great. A few weeks ago I parked in Leeds city centre (on my way to visit the council actually...), didn't see anything on the street indicating it was a controlled area, so jumped out and walked to the council building accross the road. When I came back out, I was shocked to find a ticket on my windscreen. I read the ticket and then had a thorough look around the street and did actually find (after a really decent look round) a Oay & Display sign -obscured by some scaffolding. To me this is o
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