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  1. well its now monday and no one turned up at all on friday so just waiting now to hear from council and start making payments to them this week online and have requested a breakdown on the amount i owe cus i cant find any orders in my files but sure its not the amount rundles are requesting it differs by about 300 pounds
  2. when i had a provident loan and had week were i couldnt afford the full amount my agent told me to pay as much as i could but not to miss a week and some weeks i was giving them a pound but still paying something weekly . the agent told me there was not alot they could do whilst i was making weekly payments
  3. well had a very productive day since i wanted to stay in case he came i done all the housework and sorted out cupboards to keep me busy
  4. now im just sitting and waiting for him to turn back up but gives me time to do the housework just getting nervous a bit but i not going to let him in
  5. thats just it cant find any letters from council or court about the amount so going to ring council in morning and ask them how much i owe
  6. just reread the letter that he gave me yesterday it gives the amount i owe but nothing about their fees have they included this into the total amount
  7. i check last night and he on the list just waiting now for tomorrow or should i phone his moile saying that i sent letters to him n council or just wait for him to turn up
  8. just wondering what do i need to do to stop him coming back and if he does how to deal with him going to write to the council and arrange payment with them but do need some advice what to do in the mean time
  9. i didnt tell him it was my first time he said that the whole conversation seemed weird as if he didnt expect anyone home n i was at door before he could knock as my dog was going mental at window and the bloke was someone i didnt know so thats why i opened door ans asked what he wanted
  10. what gets me though is in the letter it says he called today with transportation to remove your goods well i live in a cul de sac and there was no cars or vans parked that i didnt recognise none of the above apply but will move everything out of garden and put them in garage n shed
  11. he gave me a letter with his name on it and told me he was sent by the magistrates court. told me it was also my first time of having bailiffs at my door which it is
  12. we just talked on the doorstep and no i didnt sign anything he told me he would just be back in 48 hrs to remove items also told me he didnt want to stay too long today so i could find someone to lend me the money as the time he spend talking to me costs me more
  13. its for council tax he told me that they had sent letters but i not received any and that he would be back in 48 hrs to collect the full amount 1600 and could i borrow the money so he wont have to take my property
  14. hi just had a nice man at my door who handed me a letter saying attendance letter the clearance of goods saying thats i got 48 hrs before they turn up and enter my house with police if neccessary to remove my property can someone give me some advice please like do i have to let them in
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