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  1. I have received a claim as well for a pre 2007 agreement. I have acknowledged service and stated my intention to defend in full. BUT to organise my defence I need the CCA, which I have requested as well as other documents. I also made a CPR request to the claimant's solicitor. To date, neither have replied and I am approaching the deadline to submit my defence. Without these documents I cannot put a defence together as I have not enough recollection of who the creditor is nor what the amount was for and what the terms of the agreement were.
  2. Hi all ,found two very interesting articles regarding CRAs and their lack of regulations and sense of responsiblities. These articles are in the Daily Mail's edition of the 4th Nov. They point out the lack of regulations, and are basically saying that a CRAs are nothing more than the village gossips! The first article is titled "How credit checking blunders can blight your name" and is written by Liz Phillips the second one is called "Gossips who tarnish our reputations" by Tony Hazell. It seems that the blunders of unscrupulous, unregulated and incompetent agencies is now becoming a mai
  3. Petition to: Regulate the UK's Credit Reference Agencies. | Number10.gov.uk Please sign as there is a momentum building up... and this petition has a deadline of Jan 2010. It makes very good points regarding current credit crunch situation and is likely to get Govt's attention if there are enough signature...
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