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  1. Thanks for the help, will try and get some more pics when I've got hold of a camera later
  2. The double yellows don't have termination bars, they just run under a speed bump and come out the other side as single yellows. It looks like the bay was designed to be a parking space for delivery vans etc if there was a shop at the bottom of our building. The shop space is boarded up and has never been developed so the space has never been used for it's original purpose. In the letter I received from the council in reply to my first appeal they merely stated at the end "The sign clearly states the lay-by is for servicing retail unit only"
  3. Sorry, will try and get another pic at soon as. If you look there's a bricked/paved area (where the car is parked in the middle of) that's marked with a series of bollards around the edge; that's the bay. The whole thing is kind of 'D' shape distinguished from the pavement. The pavement runs between the bay and our building (the white building in the top right)
  4. Hi I live in a block of apartments in the centre of Sheffield which has no parking facilities for residents so therefore it's a case of park where you can on the streets. There is a small parking bay at the back of our building which is intended for a possible retail unit on the ground floor (the shop-space has never been developed and is boarded up) so people use that when there is a space free in it. There are no restriction signs in the space except for a blue one saying 'BAY FOR SERVICING RETAIL UNIT ONLY' and signs from UKPC stuck at various places on our building. There are also
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