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  1. I agree customer services are pathetic, I emailed them and they replied, still waiting for a response from my second mail to them.
  2. Thank you, sorry for posting in the wrong forum
  3. I recently moved home and transfered my internet services (broadband and phone) to my new address. I then received a "welcome pack" which clearly states the my new phone number would be ex-directory and that on the 26th May, my services would go live. Since the 26th, I have received several phone calls advising me that I have won holidays etc and wondered how these organisations had obtained my number. I went on BT.com and sure enough, my number is listed in the directory. I contacted my service provider requesting a new number and that it be made ex directory and they repl
  4. Does this letter have to be sent recorded delivery ?
  5. Today I have received this reply from a company called CAM, this is the first letter I have received from them.
  6. Thanks. Prior to opening an account at tinypics, it might be easier to just type out what the letter actually says. QUOTE: 19 Aug 2009 Please find enclosed a cheque relating to an account we are no longer dealing with. It was returned to our client on 17/08/2009 Please contact them at the address supplied quoting their reference number xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. I wrote to the aforementioned company on 13th August and recieved this reply, along with my postal order today.
  8. Many thanks for your prompt reply, its much appreciated
  9. In 2004, I got into debt with Great Universal Stores and the debt was passed to Moorcroft. I cant remember the exact amount owed, but I agreed to pay the debt off at £1.00 a week. All went well until July 04 when I wrote to them advising that I would be moving house at the end of the month, I also requested a new payment book as there was only 2 payment slips left in the book I had. Some five weeks after moving, I recieved a letter from them saying that as I had failed to keep to the repayment plan, they wanted the outstanding balance in full, within 7 days. I think it was about £120. I phon
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