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  1. Hi, Last year I moved out of a flat and while I lived through I was always a student and exempt from Glasgow City Council Tax. We sent them several forms because they kept saying that they never received them. Since leaving uni and that flat I received letters from Buchanan Clarke and Wells asking that I paid full council tax for the flat and a seperate letter saying I only owed half the tax because my flat mate was a student. I called both BCW and Glasgow City Council and explained. Both acknowledged that I was in fact a student at the time. They then sent someone to my door which I wouldn't have opened but I was expecting someone else. I again explained my situation. Now they've passed my letter on to a solicitor. Should I yet again send tax exemption forms? I don't see why I should have to!
  2. Where do I go from here though? Is it being passed to a solicitor and who do I call on the 20th to make the payment? I'm not trying to avoid payment, it's a tiny amount. I'd rather it had been paid last month and was over with.
  3. Hi, I've been making payments for gas at my old address. It was £33.10 a month for only 4 months. So as you can see not the world's biggest debt. Buchanan Clarke and Wells called me a week or so ago to tell me they hadn't been able to put my direct debit through. This had happened a few times and it was due to them not setting up the direct debt properly. So I'd been paying manual over of the phone every month, and they would redo the direct debit again. A few weeks ago when they called me I wasn't aware the money hadn't gone out my account and I told them I would call to make the payment in a week or so once I sorted my finances out. I forgot to do this. I have a terrible memory so this was the whole reason I wanted a direct debit. This morning I received another call from BCW. I explained that I forgot to make the manual payment and complained that they hadn't taken the debit as they did previous months. The man then said they did take the debit and it was rejected. I have no records of this through my bank. So it's a lie I believe. He then said they won't hold my payment of £33.13 for 8 days because it's too long!!! He asked if I could make any token payment and I explained that I'm in great financial difficulty and can't make any payment till the 20th. So he took my details about earnings and is passing them to a solicitor.....it's only £33.13 is this really neccessary?!!! What can I do?!!!
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