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  1. I have received the following letter after a couple of complaint letters relating to collection activity regarding a CCJ which I could prove I was paying every month without fail (standing order). SCM were very helpfull when i pointed out the error of there ways and this wa the result. The outstanding amount was over £1000 so a result or what?????? http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/2614/scan0001f.jpg
  2. right but............ One of our favourite DCA Mucky Hall tried to collect on a debt which was already a CCj from many moons ago (and is still being paid as required by the court) I asked them for a CCA and got a reply that they were passing the account back to SCM. SCM then sent a letter saying basically that they agreed that payments were being made but the OC had changed bank details and so they were not being credited to the account and they would reduce the balance to £xxxx, Afew days later a letter fro AIC ltd saying wanted full amount of £xxxx (the same figure as SCM quoted.
  3. The bright yellow postcard is from Allied International Credit (UK) Limited from Argyle Street in Glasgow. The date on the card is 7 October but the small print at the bottom says Issue date 20/10/2008 Issue #3 CC01 And they haven't spelt my name right. Bobby
  4. I have recently received a letter from the above apologising for having set Mackenzie Hall on me and agreeing that it was all a clerical error with Lloyds changing collection accounts. " Please deal with us from now on and we will reduce the outstanding amount by £240 as you have proved that you have been paying your ccj. Today get a postcard from another collection agency saying that "as our client has issued a SD we require the full payment of £970 now" Never had a SD or any contact from their client "LLOYDS" and the debt is to United Dominions Trust what is going on?????? Not ha
  5. It would appear that there is a god Mum's MBNA victory may open legal floodgates (From The Northern Echo) Bobby
  6. Bloo - why not do yourself a favour and do as you have been advised by many different people on here IGNORE EVERYTHING I know it goes against the grain of any law abiding person but it is really the only thing to do with these muppets They will give up after many (sometimes hundreds) of threatening letters - it all depends how well hooked they feel you are. Just forget and sleep easy. Bobby11
  7. Thanks Seminole, Have I not got grounds to go to the county court and argue that they have changed the account that they wanted the payment to go to without advising me and then set McKenzie Hall on me for defaulting. (memo to self - need to get experien report to see if they have entered a default on the record.)
  8. I may be barking up the wrong tree but I cannot see a signature on the PCN - I was under the impression that the enforcement officer had to sign(?) the ticket before issue. At least the ones I have picked have been signed Bobby11
  9. Thanks for the advice Thinking about it - would I get anywhere with copying in the County Court with the letter to sachiari and suggesting that they may wish to consider writing off the CCJ due to their ineptitude in all this? Bobby11
  10. Thank You for your reply, The standing order was set up under the correct reference number and account number over 7 years ago and has been accepted every month up until Aug Last year - I use online banking and usually just check the outgoings - it would seem, according to my bank (and they have sent me written confirmation that nothing has changed with the standing order since inception) that every month since Aug last year the money has been returned by the payees bank on the following day to the payment as "returned funds". I want to ascertain from SCM why this has happened and wh
  11. Hi everyone, Has anyone got a template letter that I can send to the above who have, for the last 11 months I have now found out, been bouncing back my standing order payable to them for a ccj from years ago. They even had the cheek to call in a DCA cos I hadn't paid. Bobby11
  12. Pinky, That is my concern - how did McKenzie Hall get the thing?????? And why was I not told? they need to tell me if it is sold? but you can't sell a CCJ or can you? They had my address to send the letter of how much outstanding. Is it worth a CCA to Sechiarri Clarke? It is a very old debt
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