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  1. Thanks for reply, no she hasn't had any charges yet. I will get on to them.
  2. I am back after a few years away from the forums where I used to be a regular poster, feeling a bit off the pace now. My daughter has got herself in a pickle with a few debts whilst doing a midwifery course at University. I have advised her to write to Barclaycard and request that they freeze interest on her account until she starts earning after she qualifies in March 2020. Question is who will be the best person at Barclaycard to request this and what are the chances of them agreeing to it.
  3. I agree hope the OP comes back to read. But I fear not.
  4. Chasing 36 quid for 4 years says it all really, they've spent more on pointless missives and phone calls.
  5. Sorry to sound a bit harsh but what is this obsession with emails, it seems to me that your friend who was good enough to lend you a large amount of money deserves a phone call at the very least and a sincere explanation and apology rather than hiding behind a keyboard and treating him like an idiot.
  6. I really do not see the problem with the scores of people on here concerning them selves with other peoples debts and letters, if it ain't your debt why worry.
  7. What actually will this achieve, if you want to play around and avoid debts then carry on. If you prove that you are not the person they are looking for then they will go away and the annoying letters and visits will stop. If they don't then you have a real case of harrassment. Nobody messes them around more than me. Get rid before they start investigating who really lives at your address you may get some surprises you are avoiding or have forgotten about. Take it from someone who knows.
  8. Quite simply if anyone does show up just show them a copy of the tenancy agreement. Make them wait outside. Any further contact after that will definitely be looked upon as harassment.
  9. Mike this thread is 3.5 years old. Start a new thread.
  10. Are you absolutely sure it is statute barred, they may be fishing.
  11. The printed x's in the option boxes is a dead give away, is the courier really carrying around a printer with him.
  12. I guessed a extension number 109 and it just hung up on me.
  13. even when you press zero option for the operator no-one answers, just goes back to main menu
  14. They still have to sign for anything that requires a signature, when they collect from their PO BOX, I wont say too much but there is one very high profile DCA who is too nervous about collecting their mail from the PO BOX and insist that it is delivered, it is not Lowells.
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