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  1. Thanks Red Rebel, I have just emailed Trading standards to get there advice, hope they can help. We are going to site at weekend for our 2 weeks hols, so i think i will go in for an explanation face to face rather than over the phone. its obviously their way off getting van owners to part with even more money and upgrade to a newer one. Thanks
  2. We bought a static caravan 2 years ago on a caravan site in Wales that was for sale for £10,000, we offered £6000 and got it. We have been renting it out this year as times are hard, but we have had so many problems it hasnt been worth the hassle. Anyway we decided a couple of weeks ago we could no longer afford the £3700 a year that it cost us to keep it there. I rang the site office to enquire how much they would give us for it and was told it was worth nothing. I said i would then try and sell it myself privatley - to be then told no you cant its to old to be left on the site. we was to
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