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  1. Thanks for the reply. I will get in touch with former workmates.
  2. Hi all hope someone can help me with a redundancy problem. I worked for a large house builder and at the beginning of this year we were all told we were all going on our notice of possible redundancy. I had my consoltation meeting and was told the firm was pulling out of our area so everyone would be going this year at some point. I was told my redundancy package which included redundancy + pilon of 6 weeks. A further meeting was arranged and at this meeting I was told that if I found another job I could leave and would still get my redundancy package and was again quoted redundancy
  3. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking about putting something in writing but did not know the best way to do this. I have been adding comments to the daily and weekly checklist sheet updating the rtth folder at work, as I do even with just punctures or services. As for plant maintenance and servicing it is the leasing company that does that. Have talked with the fitters and they say there are a lot of FLT drivers ( with lots of differant firms ) running lower tyre pressures and not letting on. My thoughts on this is that the tyre pressure is only important when driven inappr
  4. Thanks worriedalot Will take a look at the regs and you have put my mind at rest Mac
  5. Hi, hope someone on here can help me with a problem at work conserning H&S. A bit of background first. I work for one of the big construction companies as a Telescopic fork lift truck (FLT) driver. Have been supplied with a new FLT from a differant manufacturer. The problem I am having is the new FLT handbook recommends 80psi tyre pressure. Every tyre fitter I know tells me this is far to high and is dangerous. I am at present running the machine at 65psi as this is what my 15 years experience and my ability tell me is correct. The two front tyres both have "gator" patches in th
  6. Hi Before I send my letter, do I have to send £1 as I would with a CCA request Kevin
  7. Thats brilliant, hadn't seen that thread. Thanks very much, will amend the letter now. Mac
  8. Hi 42man Thanks for the quick response No PPI thankfully. So what are you suggesting offer more or less? Mac
  9. Before I go and settle my credit card balance thanks to a remortgage, I thought I would try for a full and final payment. Here is the letter I am thinking about sending. Advice greatly appreciated, and feel free to add or subtract anything that is wrong. Account Number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you to discuss my credit card account and the possible settlement of the balance. As of 08/08/2009 the balance was £5404.63 minus £121.00 minimum payment plus interest to be added. I am now in a financial position to possibly settle this account
  10. Hi bankfodder I think your right. They want me to get bogged down and get tired of it all. I think I am into my 7th week so will just wait and see what transpires in the next 2 weeks Mac
  11. Hi all Have been try to reclaim my ppi from FirstPlus for a while and they keep denying any misselling but will not give me a final response. This is my next letter can anyone take a look and please feel free to add or change it. Specifically can someone beef it up abit concerning differant laws and guidlines. Dear Peter, Thank you for your response about the mis-selling of your Payment Protection Insurance product. Frankly we are rather dismayed at your findings. As most of your letter is about the 18 minute telephone conversation your Accounts Manager, P*** S****, had
  12. Sorry forgot to add that the firstplus loan is secured but is the second loan on my house. I also have a mortgage. Thanks
  13. Thank you all for your replies. Ok so if the worst comes to the worst and I default because of redundancy then FirstPlus will have to go to a scottish court to start proceedings against me. Does anyone know of any threads on cag that I can read and prepare for this situation (which hopefully wont happen). I have read some threads about repossessions to find out it is in england so doesnt apply to me. Again thanks for your advice Mac
  14. Hi all, Hope someone can help me. I have a secured loan with one of the big tv loan shark companies. In the terms and conditions it states that English law is what they go by but I live in scotland. Surely if I default they cannot repossess my house through the english courts. advice greatly appreciated mac
  15. Hi all, Thought I would post an update and ask for a little more help. I sent for my SAR and recieved lots of paper but nothing to do with PPI Only mention of PPI is on the CA with Paragon. Wrote back claiming misselling and they refuted this in a letter claiming loans.co.uk are the ones I should write to. Wrote back to them pointing out that the CA was with Paragon, and I could only claim on my PPI through Paragon because I never recieved anything to do with PPI. I have to this day no idea who the PPI was with if not Paragon. Any thoughts re my next letter or should I just go to
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