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  1. All 3 of our names appeared on the bills. They claim to have sent us a court summons and a letter after our court date to inform us that we had been found liable and must pay. We haven't received any of these letters. We also did not receive a copy of the "revised statement for the period 2011/2012" that our ex-housemates received to her new address. No copies were sent to the address that two of us still live at; also the address at which the council tax is in question.
  2. Could she charge me with a criminal offence such as theft or fraud. This girl has accused me of "stealing" from her before when she has leant me money previously.
  3. In January a housemate moved out on bad terms. This April she has received a letter to her new address, but addressed to all of us (including a third housemate with whom I still live at the original address) outlining details of backdated council tax for the period that she lived with us (10months) as she is jointly liable. We did not receive a copy of this letter. She was paying approx £40 a month into my account from which I believed we had a direct debit. It seems the council do not have any record of my request to set up a direct debit and received no payment for 8 of the mont
  4. Can I actually reclaim charges or is this just hearsay? I think I've been charged about £6-700 since I began banking with them five years ago. It's not a case of never having "faced up" to it. I had recently been made redundant. It was an extremely extremely difficult time for me and only in the last few months have I begun to find my feet again. Even when I lost my job, I temped and kept money going into that account, plus as I said, I am already in a payment plan for the smaller amount. Do they really have grounds to do this to me? I already HAVE opened my new bank account, I'
  5. Hello, I am looking for some advice. I have 2 accounts with Natwest, both overdrawn. One by £1535 and one by £335. I have been sent 2 letters, one for each account; "Formal notice of intention to file a default and to take action to recover debt". I am already in a payment plan RE: the smaller amount. I do not use this account. Only £3 of the debt on this account was actually overspending. The rest has been charges. The other account is my old student, and current account. I have my salary of about £1000 paid in every month. These both came as a bit of a shock! I took
  6. I have dealt with Quick Quid before, and although I let the account default I reigned it in. I sent them a breakdown of my income and outgoings and although I was not able to come to a reasonable monthly payment plan with them they gave me a sort of payment holiday of two months to get my finances together, save up a bit of money and pay them back in two installments of £118.50. Eventually they listen. Email them on [email protected] AND [email protected] AND their regular one. Copy all three departments in, there WILL be an arrangement you can come to. They are kind of unhelpful over
  7. In April 2009 I took out a pay day loan of just £200 with a company named Toothfairy Finance. Shortly there after I was laid off my job and subsequently had to give up my expiring mobile phone contract alongside other luxuries. Toothfairy do not have a scheme whereby they take the money from your account, instead you to repay the money using their account details which are hidden somewhere in the FAQs on their site, and not to be found anywhere else. Because their principle method of communication is SMS, and I had given up the phone number, I heard nothing from them for well over two mon
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