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  1. It may seem a down grade, but a 2.2dci renault laguna, dont get a 1.9. 2.2 is the best engine IMO they ever did in the laguna.
  2. edit, sorry for the lack of grammar, has been a very long day at work.
  3. I'm a young driver, hence not wanting to claim for a £3.5k engine! dont want to loose the ncb i've built up. He has FINALLY put through a 'quote' we have an £823 deposit, he is trying to keep £585. we moved out on 31/07/09 today is 25/08/09. he also hasnt returned the remainder of our deposit. He has written up a quote himself for the guy who works for him. is he allowed to do this as this isnt a genuine quote. also, the 'quote' is not for a £585 its for £460. he is clai9ming for lino £85 scratch to work surface £35 and the little sit on buttion on the hob £5. I've notified the
  4. another main reason for the selector forks to go is resting your hand on the gear stick. i have known a few citroen boxes to do the input shaft bearing(above) particularly the vtr's. had to do one that had clocked over 42k on an 03 plate!
  5. You can always try taking it on a HARD drive, get alot of heat into the cat to burn off any oil that has gone into it. I'm an ex-mechanic by trade, this is common practise tbh!
  6. I know this may be the wrong forum to put it in, but any advice greatly appreciated.My mother inlaw is having problems with her husband who she is seperating from. He has put their house on the market, with out any signatures of hers what so ever. is the agent in the wrong for doing this as i was under the impression you needed the signatures from all people named in the deeds.
  7. I am thinking of taking him to court for the damage caused to my car by his unfit for purpose driveway, so was going to include this in the claim. was writing it to him, mainly to see if i can scare him into just paying up the deposit and the bill for my car.
  8. Its the LL who is listing all of the above, so thought i'd have to write to him before taking court action?
  9. Right... I am Now in possession of the list of 'faults' listed by the LL. "External 3nr Block paviour Damaged surface damaged in 2 places on block paviour render stained by tap(outside) paving stained and dirty Hall wall marks general front door damage to frame carpets stained on treads Bulb to hall Hand rail to be refixes(i've got pictures of this when we moved in broken) Bed1 New bulb general wall marks Bed 2 door damaged - 3 scratches(i've had a look and cannot see them!?) Bathroom Pop up waste needs adjusting Kitchen/Lounge Lounge
  10. Aye, they didn't even know there was a dispute until I rang them about 20mins ago! The thing is the flat being a new build, and the LL is apparently really anal about stuff, that tbh another landlord has classes as fair wear and tear(i've had an independant inspection). He has put it back up for sale, so tbh, it looks like he is trying to get us to spruce it up for sale. I also know one of the builders of the flat who can back me up, as he has told me that the flat was used as the builders rest area etc, and that the walls were patchy, as I stated in my inventory. Does my intentory m
  11. Ok, well Thank you very much anyway! I assume i still fire in the letter before action?
  12. Edit, just rephoned the tps, and remembered it may have been registered under 'plot 2' and it is, so he has registered it. I know this now significantly changes whats said above. As i said, i did not receive a certificate of cover or anything, so does this still count that i received the information needed? What about the engine receipt?
  13. Brilliant thank you. I assume there's no way that he has covered it and that its not showing up on any of they're systems? I gave them my post code and house number, they all say they have no record.
  14. HI there, I found your site on google, Have had a good(2hours +!) read thorugh your previous threads and stickies. I'm in a bit of a problem with my last house/flat. Basically, it was a new build when we moved in, and we moved out exactly a year later. There sre some marks on the doors, walls etc but i'd personally say they were from fair wear and tear, some of the links you have on the site don't work anymore, so can't find out anymore about what is classed as fair wear and tear? Are cracked driveway bricks classed as fair wear and tear? also, the driveway is in a communa
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