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  1. Hi DundeeLaw - Just a thought, but I would always have any correspondence of this nature sent via recorded mail to ensure that it was received. It strengthens your case overall and only costs 75 pence per letter.
  2. Thanks to Maroondevo52 for setting up the link and slick132 for his advice, I will click your scales. I have received Default Notice letter today (29.09.09) from a DCA called Mercers, served under the 87(i) of the CCA 1974. I am going to send them the Consumer Forum "standard" letter to say that I am dispute with Barclaycard as they have failed to provide with a signed CCA with the prescribed terms and whilst it is in dispute - it is legal for Bcard to send my details to a DCA. Is this action correct and should I do anything else? Many thanks
  3. BARCLAYCARD HELP REQUIRED My Card was taken out in 1980 I have written to Barclaycard with Section 78 and SAR request. They have not sent me a signed agreement only the latest terms and conditions, which they claim to be the latest agreement, and that this satisfies the Section 78 request for a copy of my executed agreement. They go on to state: "Under Section 78, we must supply you with a copy of your executed agreeement and statement of of account which is practible to refer. However, under Regulation 9 of the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of docum
  4. I found this address works fine: Barclaycard Company Secretary C/O Barclaycard Customer Service Barclaycard House PO Box 5592 Northampton NN4 1ZY
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