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  1. Don't want to be the bearer of bad news but direct debits that are less than 3 days away generally still go through even though they have been cancelled. If it does happen though, just go to the bank on Friday and tell them to reverse it and they will, the money will appear back in your account overnight into Saturday.
  2. 01924 201 683 according to whocallsme.com
  3. Time to get this thread going again unfortunately... I got a letter on the 3rd of November from Payday Express giving me 14 days to pay the debt in full or they will put a default on my credit file. With some quick browsing on the site I'm pretty sure the notice is invalid for the following reasons: 1) letter is dated 21/10/2009 but postmark is 22/10/2009 2) It says I have 14 days to pay instead of giving me a date. Also don't they have to allow 14 days from when I receive the letter? And finally, Payday Express said they passed to Castlebridge so I've been "dealing" with them recently. Are they the same company? Can't find much on Castlebridge... As for the other loans, the wonga repayment plan is still going and PaydayUK/KeyesWhitlock won't respond to my emails. So basically I'm looking for what to do next with the Payday Express/Castlebridge situation. Any help will be greatly appreciated EDIT: forgot to say, my mail is being redirected since I'm not at the address that payday express have for me so that's probably why it took so long for the letter to get to me.
  4. If you dispute a direct debit on the day the money comes off, then ususally the next day everything just disappears as if it never happened. I'm guessing that's what happened here.
  5. First, a bit of background... I've got an MBNA card which was taken out late 2007, but since I've been made redundant I've been struggling with repayments etc.. So after looking on here I sent them the "hold action on account" template letter and the reply was: Thank you for your message. For us to assist you with your financial difficulties we require your up to date financial details, including: - Your monthly income (salary, benefits, allowances) - Your monthly expenditure (household costs, utilities, rentals) - Names of all your other creditors and balances owed with each Should you have any further queries please contact us on 0800 389 9001, our specialists are available Monday to Thursday 9am - 9pm, Friday 9am - 6pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm. So they're looking for an I & E but I've been on the payday loan forums and the usual story is not to give them I & E and I was wondering if it's the same with these guys? I've CCA'd them (mostly to get them off my back with letters and calls) but not holding out much hope since it's a post April 2007 agreement. Also, the CCA time limit is due to expire on the 30th but is there any special rules regarding the postal strikes etc??? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. For anyone following... The wonga situation seems to be sorted . I've agreed a realistic repayment plan with them and i've got their bank details! As for castlebridge, I've contacted them using the email address in the letter but I'm not holding much hope considering the state of their website Castlebridge Credit Management although the phone calls have stopped so maybe they actually listened to my "stop calling me!" over and over again. Slow progress on this one. My telephone harassment letter to keyes whitlock has resulted in me being sent an apology and that "it will be looked into". And they now won't respond to my emails or even contact me about the debt so not sure what's going on there. This is quite annoying considering we agreed a repayment plan and I'm now waiting for their bank details. Looks like things are slowly getting back on track.
  7. For me, it took about 5 or 6 "in writing" emails before they finally stopped sending template letters and I started to talk to a real person, then he asked me to call in every single email he wrote. He finally gave up and the account was discussed via email, so I guess you'll just have to live with their stupidity for a bit longer yet.
  8. Yeah, 1st time I asked as well, quite surprising! And it was all done through email so I suppose it all depends who reads the email.
  9. That wasn't in my wonga emails, but I wouldn't send them anything, just explain why through email. Have you asked for the charges/interest to be frozen? I did and they stopped it so it's worth a shot if you've not done it yet. I've agreed a repayment plan and I've got their bank details for a standing order so it takes time to sort out but they eventually listen!
  10. Don't worry they won't be getting my card details, I'm just waiting to hear back from them since there's a dispute over the amount owed, they agreed to freeze the interest but the amount kept rising on the website. I won't be paying a penny till that gets sorted!
  11. Another update for anyone still following... I've managed to get bank details from Wonga after they insisted they do not do standing orders so some progress is being made there, although they've still not agreed a repayment plan with me. Also, they say that the plan can be set up online, has anyone done this before since I can't see an option to do that on their website? Still got to sort out the amount owed since I was told the amount would be frozen but it has kept rising on the website, won't be paying anything till that gets sorted out! On the Payday UK loan, they've passed to Keyes Whitlock who (from reading here) seem to be the same company. I'm in email communication with them so was surprised today to receive calls to my home and mobile and an email saying: "Continued failure to respond will leave us no option but to add further charges and prepare this account for further action." So they clearly don't know what's going on so I'll get another email off to them tonight. Payday express have passed to Castlebridge Credit Management who call every couple of days, I answered today and when I refused to confirm my DOB, i said I was only willing to communicate via email/post. He just kept asking for my DOB so I just hung up. I'll get the telephone harassment letter out to these 2 aswell. Looks like it's getting sorted out albeit slower than I would've hoped, might surprise a few people but wonga have been the "friendliest" to deal with since Payday UK/keyes don't know what's going on and Ben from Castlebridge can't comprehend english. So to summarise, how do you set up a repayment plan with wonga online? Cheers!
  12. Look at the threads on here and you will see that you should definetly NOT get a payday loan! Whatever the situation, there's always a better way to solve the problem than getting one of these loans. DON'T DO IT!
  13. Well I've got some money together and sent offers to Wonga and Payday UK. Payday Express have passed on the debt to Castlebridge Credit Management and they've phoned me and left a number for me to call but no letters from them yet so phoning them is the only way of contacting them at the moment, might give them a call tomorrow and see what happens there, does anyone know anything about Castlebridge? As I type this I've had replies from Wonga and Payday UK. They take days to reply when you're not offering money and less than an hour when you do! Wonga say: "Please call me on 0847 288 5705 as we do not have standing orders or direct debits as our payment options, I would need to discuss the payment arrangement with and set it up directly, if you arte are unable to call me pls adv on when I should call you." Do I really need to call them or can it still all be done by email? And is the "we do not have standing orders or direct debits as our payment options" rubbish because it sounds like they just want my new card details? Payday UK have replied with: "Thank you for your offer of payment. Unfortunately we are unable to accept an offer of payment of this level. We require an offer of a higher payment amount to prevent your account being passed to a specialist debt recovery company. Please contact our collections department on free phone 0800 280 2666 and one of our agents will be happy to help." My reply will go something like: "That's all the money I can afford due to being on JSA etc.." The Payday UK offer I've proposed would be paid back within 6 months so are they just being awkward at the moment to see if I'll up my offer? Thanks for reading!
  14. Well it's been a while since I posted but that's because not much has happened. Payday UK just keep telling me to phone them even though I've repeatedly said written communication only. They did give a freephone number though which is surprising. Surely they can't refuse to keeping communication in written form only? Wonga are just being awkward, they say they want to set up a plan but when I say I won't have my next payment from JSA until a certain date they say they will try not to pass on the debt to their DCA and that: "I cant do anything to avoid further action on your account as it is due to be passed over to a debt collection agency shortly so time is of the essence" Is it just me or is that utter rubbish? Then when I persisted that I would have no money I got the following reply: "I will try to keep your account with us to save you some money" Oh, how nice of you.... Payday Express have been sending letters and saying if I don't pay within 14 days (7 days away) they will pass it on to Castlebridge Credit Management. They seem to be ignoring my emails so how do I go about dealing with them? Thanks for reading!
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