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  1. Hiya i posted this on another forum but only one "smart-a***" reply so far, not helpful so im hoping someone here can maybe help me? thats my post exactly as it is on the other site
  2. Hiya my partner got a letter today stating they had contacted him before(THEY HAVENT) and that they are giving him 72 hours to make payment before they decide what action to take. they want £357.90. anyway after reading this he did have 2 mobiles with 3 which he took out in around 2002/2003 but we cancelled them because the coverage was just rubbish and a couple of other problems, anyway we paid off the debt(or so we thought, back then) ive sent an emai telling them ive never heard of HFO and could they send me details of the account. what should we do?
  3. when on (thursday?) morning 2 more bills dropped through the letterbox with 2 new numbers
  4. the man at orange confirmed that we had actually upgraded and would still only pay for 2 contracts and not 4. what does rescind mean please?
  5. both packed and sent, so they should recieve tomorrow or monday and then it says 3-5 days for cancellation
  6. we have been told if we havent used the phones send them back within 48 hours (we have used them) and some packaging is damaged, do we send them back anyway(we havent used sims as we were told to just use old sims, so new ones havent even been opened)
  7. hi all need advice desperatly. so my partner has 2 contract mobiles (one for me one for him) anyway last week he applied for 2 upgrades via mobiles.co.uk they came on friday and to be sure i made him ring orange to confirm they are only upgrades and we wont be paying for 4 contracts the person at orange confirmed this. So we used the mobiles since last friday and today 2 new bills come for 2 new contracts so he rang orange, they say you have to ring mobiles.co.uk he rang them recorded message say email for returns, he emails and reply says they can only accept returns if item hasnt b
  8. hi there i have got myself a printer, and so decided to do this now, but i have read throgh and they have actually responded except only telling me they acknowledge reciept of my complaint etc so shoul his actually be the one i am sending? thanks again
  9. thank you debt4get pinky69 i dont own a scanner i am however currently looking at getting one, so should be able to do so in the next couple of weeks if still needed by such time
  10. i joined the forum ages ago, but i could not remember my username or anything and no longer have access to that email account for forgotten password, anyway i got round to sending the YB a list of all my charges etc and i got the letter back stating thatthey acknowledge reciept of my complaint about bank charges etc etc whats my next step? should i wait for now?
  11. i have searched and read several threads on this topic, and sent of a letter asking for the signed credit agreement(letter N from the list of template letters) today i recieved a letter which told me when the ac**** was opened, what is owing and how many payments of how much were left to pay it off. but also this bit at the end.... in relation to your request for a copy of the executed agreement blah blah blah(is anyone wants to know this i will type it out, but im guessing a lot of you will ave seen it before)there is no requirement to provide you with a photocopy of the agreement bea
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