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  1. The CCJ is not marked as satisfied and i've not applied to the court to mark it that it has been paid. I'm more wanting to have it removed as it should have never been there in the first place. I've thought of possibly writing to severn trent and asking them to remove the CCJ as i've read somewhere that they can have it removed if they're willing. The other thing that does get me is that the amount claimed is incorrect on the CCJ & severn trent know the amount claimed is incorrect. Then we have the issue of them saying that there was a warrant fee and they gave me a warrant nu
  2. Well the ccj was issued in May 2010 whilst in prison, came out in July 2010, found out about ccj in sept 2010, went back & forth with servern trent till march 2011, then i handed it over to solicitors in April 2011, sent off some paperwork to court in northampton in May/June 2011 & haven't heard back from them. Its only because i'm looking for a mortgage this issue has come up again and needs to be dealt with. And yes, i HAVE paid servern trent thier money....
  3. Sorry to bring up an old thread again, BUT i haven't dealt with this problem due to dealing with other issues and now this ccj is starting to be a thorn in my side! The above poster advised that if i could prove i was in prison whilst the claim form was issued i should be able to get it set aside. Is the claim form the Blue Paper they send out before going to court (Form N1 i think). If its the BLUE paper before going to court, yes i DID get that before going to prison, but i called up Severn Trent who told me to avoid action just pay by watercard which i did do, then i went to prison after th
  4. WOW this read is so long and full of complaints! I'm actually nervous now about this Ingeus thing! I went for my induction last week, had a brief chat with an advisor about the type of jobs i'm looking for and he asked me to email him over my CV. I got an appointment to see him again in 2 weeks time. Today i get a call from him saying i've not got your CV yet, i said ok i'll email it again, then he says have you found a job, i say no, he says ok i have a job at the Casino for you. I say that is against my religion, he says ok and says send me your CV. End of call. I then think how on
  5. oh another thing, at the end of the letter where my name goes, shall i use my full name as they have adressed the letter to me or shall i use my initial and my surname? Also should i sign the letter?? I don't want to sign it as then my signature could easily be copied and put on to stuff!
  6. yes, exactly my intentions to send it via recorded delivery.
  7. ok cool, is this the correct letter i need to send them consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/content.php?408-Letter-sent-when-debt-is-statute-barred Is this letter still current or is there a newer version that i've not seen? Is there anything else that i need to put on the letter?
  8. ok, but just to be sure, how else would i know if this isn't SB just yet? I'm 99.9% i've not paid them or anyone else since 2004 and even now my credit file doesn't show this debt, so it is highly possible 6yrs has passed......just want to be sure before i open a can of worms!
  9. yes i have not paid nor offered to pay nor had any contact with anyone in the last 6yrs
  10. Hey guys, I need some help in dealing with this situation thats just popped up. Today i got a letter from the above mentioned saying that my SAV Credit Limited Account was sold to them in 2007. They have appointed a collection services to recover the outstanding balance. Now having had a look at the reference number that they have listed i kind of jogged my memory with the SAV credit and the card number they listed. I looked up SAV and indeed i did have a card issued by them in 2004 i think and i think i stopped paying it some time in 2004. Then i remebered that i did ask for help
  11. Hey all, I have a major problem with severn trent water and its really doing my head in because these guys have no clue what their right hand is doing from their left!! Ok little background info, i moved into property 19 july 2009 had a few water bills come through that i ignored, had a Notice from Count Court come through sometime in november 2009, called up water and agreed to avoid ccj i must pay by water card. No problem i start paying by water card. Then i know i am going to prison on 26 march 2010 so i call them say i'm off to prison send me a final bill (this info is logg
  12. for the second part of my credit file there is too much info to explain and without seeing an image it would be difficult so i have uploaded an edited image of it at hxxp://img821.imageshack.us/i/mycc.jpg/ Wescot - loan - £1356 i haven't the slightest idea what in the world that is as i have only ever had 1 loan and that was from llyods tsb WHICH was apparently sold to Aktiv Kapital, which is shown as the next item in my image for £1250. I have not made contact with any of the companies whatsoever since i defaulted on these things. So what do i do?
  13. Hi, i have just got a copy of my credit report from equifax but there are some things on there that i don't understand. I will start with the ccj's: 25/05/2010 - £97 (severn trent water) 07/02/2006 -£198 (severn trent water) 21/10/2004 - £1109 (Total PVT LTD) Ok the first is severn trents fault to which they have admitted because they had been informed that i was going to prison but they still messed up so apparently they are going to sort it out. The second again to serven trent is a mistake by them, i was the gurantor of a property and it seems the estate agent passed
  14. Hey guys i've been reading some of the dreadfull cockups DVLA are famous for and unfortunately i seem to have fallen into the same boat thanks to some sod that works there!! Basicaly 4 weeks ago i applied to exchange my Foreign FULL Licence for a GB one. Yes my licence was valid at the time of exchange and yes it is from a country they exchange licences from and yes i've been in the country less than 12 months and so i meet all the criteria they require in order to exchange my licence for a full GB. So anyway i go down to Nottingham DVLA to have them check my form out and send off my
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