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  1. Thanks for all of your help...calls have stopped in boith countries now, but letters keep arriving...but I guess that is why god created shredders,,,
  2. What about New Zealand? They are also writing me at the employer there as I am based in both....I am resident in NZ....and they are sending me (and calling me) there as well...there is very limited information on NZ in the above forum...
  3. I don't know either...but that is why I am checking...just to be sure...I would hate to have a PI trying to collect it here...
  4. Yes...somehow they managed to get my work address and my mobile number...they have quit calling...I hung up on them too many times...
  5. Hi. I have an outstanding debt on an HSBC credit card. It has been turned over to a DCA (Metropolitan). It is about 3500. I live in Australia and am not planning to return to live in the UK. I also have not contacted anyone about this account in about a year, but still get letters from the DCA. I am planning a visit to the UK in about a month. Can they stop me at the airport? Also, can they try and get a DCA here to collect the debt? I have no property in the UK anymore, not even family or anything else...just going to see friends... Can anyone please advise?
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