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  1. thank you very much for your kind advice i will do just that monday when they open, thank you again
  2. yeah we informed the baliff that the car had already been levied by another baliff but would'nt take no for an answer, we even have the paperwork to prove it. Yes this debt is two years old, i moved in to my partners home after this debt happened apparently whilst i was living at an old address and only in the last few months has it come to light, my partner has nothing to do with this particular debt at all, the last visit we had off one of these baliffs had the cheek to try and charge me 525.00 and asked if my partner or freinds and family would pay it when the debt oweing is 278.41 or
  3. Hiya, could anyone help me please. I have an outstanding debt with my local council which amounted to £318.41 for an old council tax bill of which i have made an aggreement with the baliffs (rossendales and it comes with a walk in possesion order) to pay them £10.00 per week to clear off the debt a bit at a time, now the bill stands at £278.41 (which they levyed a car that has already been levyed on by another baliff bristow and sutor for another debt which now is nearly sorted thank god) Since i started paying the £10.00 per week i have fell into severe difficulties and cannot even ma
  4. Thankyou for your kind advice. We have an homeless interview tomorrow with the local council, so will find out more then. I handed in the notice to quit 4 weeks before - as per the lady at the housing offices - they took it but failed to tell me that they wont consider it until i have had a homeless interview - hence tomorrows appt. I just wish they had told us earlier, as a week and half has passed by. I will contact shelter to see if they can help. thankyou again for your helpful reply.
  5. unfortunatley we wasnt bringing in the income - i lost my job jun last year, my patner worked but was on a low wage bringing home £165 per week. We did get tax credits of £90 week. we applied for housing c/tax benefit and was granted £13 week housing & £7 week council tax relief. We approached the council to be put on the housing list feb 09. Explaining that with repairs for draughts damp etc - against the £1400 per yr just on oil for heating + the extreamley high c tax of £1400 yr - we knew we were going to hit problems. The rent arrears stem from then. In may this yr my partne
  6. We asked them about getting workmen in to do some work when we had the finances, they said that they do not accept work been done to the house only themselves are allowed to make judgements on there own properties, they are really funny about it, it took a neighbour nearly 20 years of barterring with them to let them do some work by other people on there property, so we stood no chance.
  7. Thanks emma or your reply, ill have to check the letter wether or not it has those sections on it. even though the house we live in isnt fit to house a tramp and the conditions are really bad are you saying they wont rehouse us and were deliberatly making our selves homeless due to witholding the rent because of the lack of repairs done to the house through several requests and attempts.
  8. Thanks for your advice and letter i will post out first thing in the morning:D
  9. Hi can anyone help please, Last week i recieved a letter from the DWP claiming back a sum of money £339.07 and to pay up by the 4th aug 2009. Not having a clue what the debt was for i rang them up, having spoke to a lady on the phone she agreed to send an income and expenditure form out asap which i still havent recieved yet, suprise suprise, i rang them up again with in 10 mins and asked the next advisor to break it down for me and let me know when it was from. He was very helpful in letting me know that it was back in 1996 that i had an overpayment of income support from 03/06/1996 to
  10. Could anyone help me with my dilema? We have recieved a letter of notice on our property given us 2 months notice, we are also on the local council bourough housing list. The problem i have is we are 3 weeks away from the end of the notice having been down the local housing department today we have been told that we have to fill in a homeless form due at a meeting on thursday down the local council. There are a few problems wth this as we are behind somewhat with the rent (the rent has not been paid because there are some repairs that need doing as we have sent several letters to t
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