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  1. Finally got round to sorting my act out and have put my property on the market. Need to start a new chapter. In regards to my welcome load, last re-write was 2008 which still has a balance of £23500 now PPI interest have been reversed, but the land registry shows a charge for progressive finance in 2005. Any ideas how this works ? Can I find out what the 2005 charge is for ? Can my solicitor find out for me ?
  2. PPI Payments have now been received. Over £4000 which is amazing !! Still no answers to all of my other complaints and I have ceased payments. The waiting continues.
  3. Have been waiting about 3 weeks now for PPI Payment to be processed and transferred by BACS supposedly.... Any ideas how long I should give them before I contact ?
  4. I have sent the acceptance form away now asking for the funds to be paid by bacs... We shall see what happens. The letter states they will be paying out within 14 days of them receiving the acceptance. A couple of other queries. I have still not had any response to my complaints of miss-selling and arrears charges and interest etc, etc... This always gets ignored. Do I continue to pursue this after I receive PPI payments ? Did the PPI have an effect on all chain finance which mine was ? I am not even sure the charge on my property is still in place to be
  5. Hi Dx. Not sure what is going on but my letter definitely says they are going into Liquidation sometime in 2018. My guess is that so much of the book they own is not collectable and they will have trouble getting anyone else to take them on. Payout offered is for PPI on two other accounts from the chain. Still no answers regarding charges, gap, interest and miss selling so will get back to them after I receive the payment. I am still not paying them anything since the loan got passed back to Welcome from the debt collection agency. What happens to these loans after
  6. PPI UPDATE. I have recently been paid out £ 970 by Aviva - This was the company who sold the PPI Policy alongside the Welcome Car Loan. Also I have been made an offer of over £ 4000 from Welcome Finance because they now say they are going to be Liquidated in 2018, this is now what they are calling a Solvent Liquidation so they are able to pay me out. They have sent me an acceptance form to complete asking for Bank Details to pay the money by BACS into my chosen account. OR DID I WANT TO REDUCE MY BALANCE WITH THE MONEY !! I have also received many Arrears l
  7. Out of interest, has anyone been successful claiming back Acceptance Fees lumped on the monthly payments ? Or Gap (shortfall insurance) ?
  8. Just a small update.. I have received a letter from Aviva telling me they will now investigate my claim as underwriters and they will be contacting Welcome Finance for more information. Nothing further from Welcome regarding my complaints of miss-selling etc so I guess that one will have to go yet again to the FSA. Oh I have also stopped the £10 a month token payments to them so lets see if that gets any attention form Welcome. Anyone else had a PPI response telling you that they are in liquidation process ?
  9. In Feb this year I decided to start a new complaint asking to claim PPI and asking for charges to be removed from this account. Also explaining I felt the Secured Loan had been enforced illegally due to some pressure selling when I signed for the last loan. I have just received the reply and Welcome are partly upholding my PPI claim but I cannot claim as they are going into liquidation. I can of course claim through the F.O.S. but Welcome state that I will more likely receive pennies rather than pounds. It also states my complaint must be referred to the underwriters of your insurance for
  10. Happy New Year Everyone... I have to admit I have become lazy & my whole Welcome Finance problems have been plodding along in the background but I have just received an unwelcome wake up call. I never seem to get anywhere and all of my claims have been rejected for some reason or another, most of which I dont understand to be honest. I am shouldering this +£26k secured debt that does not appear on any of my credit files at all I received a letter earlier this week from [removed] stating my PPI claim had failed as my loan started before 2005, to top it off
  11. That the one.... Sorry its been a while but had a spell in hospital for an operation. I have also recieved a letter now from Welcome saying that I cant claim PPI from them now as I have gone past the 8 week response date and I have to go straight to the F.O.S. Does that sound right ? Also Experto Credite are now chasing me for the debt. Help please !!!
  12. Had a few replies. Experto Credite sent back my cheque for CCA and said I did not need to pay for it and they had applied for the CCA from Welcome. I have now received this from Experto Credite. No SAR yet from Welcome but I have received some PPI Complaints forms from Welcome which look like F.O.S. complaint forms.
  13. I have sent a CCA REQUEST to Experto Credite and SAR to Welcome and also have enquired into the PPI. Will keep you posted.
  14. I will try a few and see what happens. Its Experto Credite that I pay and I have not requested this information from them. Should I ? I thought the information had to come from Welcome ? This was the last agreement I had. Many before in the early years had PPI but the later ones did not it seems. They are not coming out very well. Will try for some new ones. Do you think I should request for all information Subject Access Request to Experto and start from scratch ?
  15. Thanks for the replies regarding these issues. I take it a refinanced chain means when you have a new loan which takes over from an existing loan ? My documents are on photobucket but I would not know how to change them. I will have a go though. Most of my original document went the the F.O.S at the time of my complaint. The problem being I did not really understand what I was really doing when I was questioned by them. The debt collection company wrote to me and told me I had to pay. I have not had any response at all from Welcome other
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