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  1. Thanks again i'll try and draft up a letter to capquest and one for OFT, and as always i'll keep you updated ....
  2. Thanks, Should i write a letter at all to cap quest? or just to OFT?
  3. Ok, time for another update... after taking your advice and not responding to their previous letter, i've just recieved another dated 2nd Oct. the letter goes...(its a long one) "Despite our numerous attempts to assist you to find an amicable solution to settle this account, the balance remains unpaid. Our investigations into your current financial position, based on the information we currently hold, are now complete and its unfortunate that we find ourselves preparing a statutory demand under section 268 (1) (a) of the Insolvency Act 1986 which will be completed on or around 1
  4. Hey guys, Received a response from Capquest this afternoon, it says - "We can confirm that the last payment made to this account was on the 13/5/04. Therefore under the Limitations Act 1980 this account is not statute barred, as a period of five years has not passed." am i missing something obvious...??
  5. Thanks again Letter Printed and will be sent off this afternoon
  6. Morning Guys, Another Update - Received a letter yesterday saying... "We can confirm that the last payment made to this accounts was on 13/5/04. Therefore under Limitations act 1980 this account is not statute barrred, as a period of 6 years or more has not passed." I thought it was 5 years in Scotland? Any advice on next step... W
  7. Hey guys, just an update - I sent the letter away (thanks Ida) on the 19th August recorded delivery, Havent received any reply yet... how long should i wait? Whats my best next move?
  8. Thank yoooou! I'll send that away tomorrow morning (recorded delivery of course) I'll keep you guys updated
  9. also, im almost certain that i would never owe as much as they say i do...is there no way to get a breakdown of what i owe?
  10. There in lies the problem, i have no idea, its around 5 years (ish) but i'm not sure how to find out. Bearing in mind they have now given me till 23rd August to arrange payment
  11. No, no default notice or terminiation notice, havent had any contact from littlewoods in around 5 years,
  12. I Think this is the link/code or possibly this.... W
  13. cant use photobucket at work will upload when i get home...
  14. Well they sent me a copy of what looks like an application form, dated back in November 2000. has my old adress and my signature, looks like i'm going to have to pay up...
  15. Thanks for the info guys, ida - i sent that letter template to capquest after their letter to me dated 31st July, to which they replied with Littlewoods have sent you the credit agreement on 30th July (which i never received) so i assume capquest dont have much to go on as they are in default of my original request? So i've followed PCP Formulas advice and sent another letter asking for a copy of this undelivered agreement. I'll keep you guys updated
  16. Hey all, just want to say what a great resource this forum is Anyway looking for a bit of advice in dealing with Capquest, the story goes (apoligies in advance if this post is long) I received the 1st letter notifying of debt purchase from Littlewoods on 19th Feb 09 Sent of a letter to capquest recorded delivery on 26th Feb 09 asking for copy of credit agreement and a copy of the deeed of assignment Received 2nd Letter from Capquest on 2nd March 09 with a notice of assignment of the account and saying they would send a copy of agreement and statements when they receive the
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