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  1. I found this site by chance when I received 2 parking tickets (for my OWN space) from a private parking company. Panic set in since neither me not my good lady had the money to pay them both. Thanks to everyone on here - rather than panicking when the letters started pouring in (it was more of a stumble really) we had a good laugh at them. I get a bit disheartened now when I read posts from people saying they might pay, they might appeal, they don't know what to do. DON'T DO ANYTHING. We ignored completely and got empty threat after empty threat after empty threat. NOTHING HAPPENED AND NOTHING WILL. Thanks to everyone on here who took the time to issue us with advice, we would no doubt have paid it otherwise.
  2. Further to a post I made yesterday - I got a CENTRAL TICKETING ticket for parking in the space that belongs to the flat I pay £725 a month rent for. Letting agent was meant to send the permit out weeks ago and has failed to do so - but my issues with her are different altogether. Today - Another ticket - CENTRAL TICKETING - I can only assume they are now making a point of visiting my car a daily source of income at present? Now the issue is that its my girlfriend's car. They aren't getting a penny out of us and I'm more than willing to go to court and if I did, and I was made to pay, I'd honestly (I appreciate this is over the top) rather spend some time 'inside' that fund these cowboys. But she's worried about 'credit rating'. Can non payment of this - before any court becomes involved - result in a black mark on her credit? Got a real worry that she might wilt and pay it without me knowing but its 2 x £60 = £120 that they are effectively robbing us of. Thanks.
  3. In the 7 or 8 calls I've made to my letting agent I've been very calm and collected (I'm a chartered accountant and believe it or not we actually get courses in how shouting and losing it with people is never the right way) but its getting to the stage now where her incompetence is going to cost me £60. Except it won't, because I'm not paying. And if they take me to court, I'm going to get me a nice new shiny pair of shoes. And a brand spanking new tie.
  4. Cheers folks. Probably going to lose all diplomacy with my letting agent in the next few days.
  5. Hi folks just found this site and had a good read over the PPC notices. Looking for some opinions if possible: Leasing a flat with a private parking space. When we moved in the company administering the car park was say 'A Ltd' and as part of our move in pack we were given an 'A Ltd' parking permit. A month ago Central Ticketing took over the car park and issued new permits - however ours went to the owner of the flat at his other address and we did not receive it. We only found out about the new permit requirement when my girlfriend bumped into the 'warden' in the car park and he agreed not to ticket the car until she could investigate where our new permit was. We contacted the letting agent numerous times with little to no reply to finally get "We're posting them out to you" on Friday. Just came home from work today (Monday) to a £60 fine, £100 if not paid within 14 days. No permit received yet. Do we: A: Not give two hoots and ignore the ticket and all correspondence? B: Take the ticket to the letting agent and demand they rectify it? c: Something else? Any help is greatly appreciated. Kind regards Ross
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