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  1. Came to my house 6 am just as I was going our to work I found a clamp on my car bailiff was in his van I told him to take the clamp off as the car is on HP also I need it for work as i work 50 miles away And he wasent interested he he was going to drive away so I prevented him from leaving by standing in front of his van so he called police when they arrived he told them I was on his bonet lie then the bailiffs boss turned up I said I need the car for work and it was on HP and I can prove it by showing him HP agreement he said I will have to take it to there legal department Also my wife is
  2. today received reply from mbna for my cca request it took five weeks all i got back was an apology for delay and goes on to say we note that your account was acquired from another lender some time ago as such we need to obtain documentation from that lender as soon as received will forward to me
  3. this is the agreement the black bits are not my doing that's how the two copy's sent to me by link and mbna
  4. I did complain to Experian when I first saw it on there that I was not living at the address that link says the agreement was started and also the figures did not add up they said they would investigate the matter with link but nothing came of it also I spoke to the ico about the incorrect data but was told that because the matter had been dealt with in the court they would not do or could not do anything and that I needed to go back to court But I don’t know what grounds I would have as a judge has already ruled in favor of link so what evidence he was looking at I don’t know
  5. hi PGH7447 no i did not receive court papers but on saying that i have worked away from home a lot and sometimes not even looked at my mail my wife at the time would then put it in a draw and eventually throw it out (but i will from now on lol ) i have sent a cca request to mbna and to a&l its the twelfth day today no reply so far from them i did speak to mbna by phone and they did send the same copy of a&l agreement that i received from link they sent it to my old address which was were that agreement was taken out , and not to the address to which I have the default regist
  6. Hi all im in desperate need of some help any guidance appreciated I have a final charging order on my home by link financial re mbna credit card first I new of it was 2009 when I looked at my credit file. Thing is I can’t for the life of me see why two judges would grant the orders My credit file states link financial (mbna)default balance 4,365 current balance 2,436 defaulted on 25/02/2004 Then judgment for amount of 2,227 at Northampton court on 04/01/2008 So as I never have had an mbna card I sent a sar plus fee to link on 18/08/2009 Received info back on 18/12/2009 four m
  7. best of luck mate i had copy of my application with alliance and lecster as i have a charge on my house with link financial and also on mine were i ticked the no box its been crossed out and the yes box has been ticked and it was not my doing
  8. Comic Michael McIntyre refuses to perform for debt collectors and loses £28k fee • • by Will Payne 6/12/2009Michael McIntyre walked out of a gig rather than perform for a firm of debt collectors. The comic lost out on a £28,000 fee when he refused to compare the £200,000 private party less than half an hour before it was due to start at London’s 02 Arena. Michael, 33, who faced debt problems before hitting the big time as a stand-up, told friends he did not know what the company did when the gig was booked – and said performing would have been against his principles. Orga
  9. thanks vint for your reply i think i get what your saying if i were to sign page 3 what:s to stop any pages being added after the fact ,am i right to what your telling me ? i again cant thank you enough for taking the time to reply
  10. Ok thanks silver fox does it not make a difference that the ccj and default I have is for a mbna credit card should I not have had an agreement that at least gives a mention towards mbna in some form as mbna did not start issuing cards on behalf of alliance & Lester until 2002 where as my agreement is from 2001 thanks again for your help
  11. After my request to mbna by phone Mbna sent me an agreement from alliance &Lester, 2 pages of copy of alleged signed agreement but on page one of 4 it says in bold personalised application form but along side in the next paragraph it says credit agreement
  12. I have noticed on page one it says application form although it is a bit obscure as it’s on the dark side on the left but the next paragraph it says credit agreement….. im confused
  13. sorry for posting twice dog wanted a dump forgot i had posted
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