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  1. ok, i'l post back when it arrive sometime next week hopefully. Thanks again for your help.
  2. for a company selling computers they wouldn't know basic things like that? OK what do you think, you say it will have a sound card onboard otherwise you will wear a mankin, but will it have 2.33ghz rather than 2.13ghz, and is it an ixtreme rather than ipower? being refurbished probably has something to do with it? btw why is the pc cheap?
  3. yeah but dixon say it has 2.13ghz? dont get it, thats why im saying that some of the info on dixons are wrong, true? i mean i bought it today, but will it come as 2.33ghz or 2.13ghz?
  4. what about the processer? theres a difference in that too. Is the pc in dixion the same in the PB? http://www.packardbell.co.uk/products/desktops/ixtreme/Ixtreme-8520/productsheet-PB81X09301-900.html btw i have bought it, why was it so cheap?
  5. sorry another issue about that base unit. Just want on the PB website to see the base unit and it seems as though the processers details on dixions are wrong this is what i found on the dixions website Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6550 2.13GHz, 1333MHz FSB, 4MB Cache and this is what i found on PB website CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 - spec_cpu_KC.65501.DE0 - Information and Instructions - IXTREME Y8520 - PB81X09301 - iXtreme - platform_amadeus_ixtreme - Desktop dont get it, the name of the base unit is also wrong according to PB, dixons says it is an ipower and PB
  6. lol, OK than, i was just worried if it doesn't. agin thanks for your help you've been great.
  7. so your just guessing it will? if it doesn't have a seperate card, should'nt say onboard? this is a refurbished base unit btw
  8. btw how are you sure it has build in sound card it says it doesn't, even if it does say on the pb website?
  9. ok thanks than, i am going to order it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks you've been a right help
  10. OK, just found this, PACKARD BELL IPOWER 8520 RECON Desktop PC - Save on refurbished PACKARD BELL computers including the PACKARD BELL IPOWER 8520 RECON at Dixons http://www.packardbell.co.uk/products/desktops/ixtreme/ixtreme+8520/productsheet-PB81X09301-900.html any better than the chosen one, althoough it doesn't have a sound card.
  11. OK thanks for all you help, haven't yet decided but you really helped me a lot thanks. One last thing, which graphic card is best from all the once mentioned, inculding my current?
  12. not really up to upgrading my current pc because in the past i have upgraded my ram and the pc and went faulty, it started to freeze for no reason and had to take it out, but would it make any difference if i were to buy one of the base units apart from the basics? what can i play with GeForce 7050 256mb http://www.dixons.co.uk/martprd/store/dix_page.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1254155723.1250172689@@@@&BV_EngineID=ccekadehmmijddjcflgceggdhhmdgmk.0&category_oid=-33356&sku=334745&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null#productInformationSection what do you think
  13. do you think it is worth me buying one of those base units or should i just stick with the one i have? becuase i thought that the graphics card will make a lot of difference comparied to the one i have now but as you said it will only make a bit of a difference. at the moment i am not having any trouble with the one i have now when i am browsing the net, word processing etc but i want it to make a little difference when playing. so is it worth it. btw what can i play with GeForce 7050 256mb?
  14. it does mention that vista is installed, but it doesn't mention anything about other componets installed such as the soud card, thats the issue im getting at the moment, its the lack of details about the system. check the link given on pervious post to see what i mean about the lack of details. abou the games you can play, at the moment i have a windows xp, with 768 ram and an ati readon 9550 128 ram graphics card, and i am ablt to play san andres without any kind of lag, i have also play Driver parellel lines at low settings but it still works, are you saying that my current graphics c
  15. still not sure about the first on becuase of the value of details given PACKARD BELL X2326 Desktop PC - Save on refurbished PACKARD BELL computers including the PACKARD BELL X2326 at PC World any ideas on how i can gain more infromation besides phoning? they dont even respond to my email i sent. all i need to know now is, is everything installed, can i just plug it and start using it without any further installations needed.
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