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  1. hello anybody help me out please on the above post ??? much appreciated thanks
  2. Hi Vint 1954 and anyone else , i am still waioting of feedback from the ICO but recieved a letter and a data form to fill in in regards to my SAR . I am unsure what to do the letter is apologising for not realising the SAR request i made was an SAR request and they are asking me to send a copy of the( SAR request letter )i sent them I do not have a copy of the SAR i sent them either ??? so if it is a legit request they make in this latest letter then do i just write another SAR letter out and send that ?? i now know to keep copies of all correspondence but i didnt then oops and to fill in the
  3. Hi there i wrote to the companies stating the above and i got a standard letter back and also the ICO which i recieved a letter back . I will post a link now to the letters if anyone can check them out for me please , as i am unsure of what to do next and am still awaiting the next letter from the ICO SAR REPLY DEC 09 pictures by bevhatton - Photobucket I will be much obliged if anyone can take time please
  4. Hi again anyone tell me exactly what i need to write in my letter of complaint to the ICO ?? clueless i am afraid ? any help appreciated thankyou
  5. PS thankyou to the others who replied i ave only just noticed you x:D
  6. :Dmuch appreciated Vint 1954 and i hope yr doing good and keeping well ? i will keep you updated
  7. Hi again i have been off for a while been rather busy . Well i sent of the SAR requests following your advice and noticed on the statements that came after that the £10.00 fee which i had sent had vbeen taken off the account balance when i stated had not to be used for this purpose . I have had no reply to the SAR requests but the latest 2 letters i have uploaded to my photobucket the link follows Subject access request pictures by bevhatton - Photobucket If anyone could take the time to look at them for me and advise me of their meaning in reply to my SAR request and of my next step i would b
  8. :)fantastic advice Vint1954 i shall purchase p/o s much obliged
  9. Hi again Vint1954 sorry to bother you . The advice you gave me to send an SAR to the DCA stated to enclose a postal order ? does it have to be a postal order or would a cheque be accepted . Just curious ? thankyou and any help is appreciated as i wam goin to request SAR's tomorrow thanks :idea:;-)
  10. Thankyou ever so much Vint1954 I will keep you updated ever so grateful keep up the good work :o)
  11. Hello and thankyou Welshwizard much appreciated but any pointers on how i request a subject access request please ?? do i do it in writing ? e mail etc . I am rubbish at all this and my head is upside down at present Any help appreciated and i must say i am glad places and forums like this exist for people with issues and problems and there are people out there to help thanks
  12. Hi Ida the accounts were opened on the 19th of dec 2007 and on the 29th of may 2007 and i can't be sure but am pretty certain just not 100% that it was not opened on line x thankyou for helping me
  13. Hi and thankyou both for your advice its much appreciated . As i am new to this has anyone any info as to my next steps in response to these accounts being passed to the company's debt collection dept Eg - where do i stand regarding the no signature of mine rendering the accounts unenforceable. And most importantly is there a template letter or certain legal written letter .Ineed to contact them but i have no idea of the next step .I am pretty sure i didn't open these on line but can not be sure ?? do i request a subject access request just in case . Any help or advice is much gratefully appr
  14. Hi i am new to these sites my name is booboo39 and i dont know if i am posting here corectly ?? if not then i am sorry to all ere . I am looking for advice on cca's and true copies of cca's i requested 2 cca's and recieved the following in the link attached if someone would please help me establish their validility ?? a set of t&c's were sent along with an agreement and statements . The agrrements (so called true copies ) have a signature on behalf of the company the name address and account no of myself but no signature of mine . Also there is a paragraph about missing payments on the agr
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