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  1. I've been charged three times with natwest by going over my overdraft twice One for £54 and to other charges of £6, £6 i've complained so many times i dont ever get refunded... im always stay within my overdraft.
  2. oh you got the same as me sorry to overtake this post but 24/7 are **** been fighting them for months and i got a final response last week on a £100 loan charges and on my noodle as active security, Hope that you are well. Please find below a copy of our complaints procedure. I would like to take this opportunity to write to you to set out our final response to the complaint you raised with regards to your account. As part of this response we have taken into consideration a number of factors including a review of the notes on your account and all correspondence. The courses of events, as we see, are as follows and will provide context to our conclusions. If you remain dissatisfied, you may refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) but you must do so within six months of the date of this final response. Separately, you may also refer the complaint to our trade association (BCCA), this does not stop you taking your complaint to FOS. As per my email below, I notice we never received a response to our offer. We are still happy to accept £50.00 in final payment on your account in order to settle your complaint in full. Kind regards, Fiona
  3. Yeah I checked my emails I have under tooth fairy last contact was 2011 since then nothing.
  4. that's the thing I was speaking to them on live chat to see why they chasing even though it's like more than 6 years old it's not on my record either.. .so am not bothered... .and they replied cause the debt is not statute barred and they "apparently have chased " DHR Capital Limited" I've had no letters , no emails but researching more this "DHR Capital Limited" is Capital Resolve from when it was 2011 they last chased me.... either i should report them to finance ombudsman for a really old debt or try a claim for a tooth fairy even though the original loan was £100 lol
  5. Hi Guys, just given heads up or if anyone heard from this lot just got an email on a really really really old debt. Re: £Stg600.00 outstanding to our client DHR Capital Limited remaining from your loan with Tooth Fairy Finance. We are contacting you further to notices issued by our client in respect of the above outstanding debt. Please use fact-link for further information about your liability. Our client has confirmed that you have not contacted their offices to arrange settlement and we have therefore been appointed to bring this matter to a mutually beneficial conclusion. Please call 01707 252 909 or use live chat to arrange payment or discuss this matter with an account manager. Alternative payment methods and other information are listed below. Do not ignore this notice. It is important that you contact our offices immediately if there is any reason preventing you from making payment or you have a query which has not been resolved. Our company operates a 'Treating Customers Fairly' policy and our trained account handlers will ensure any proposals or enquires are resolved in a reasonable and fair manner. We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Yours sincerely Alan Peters Collection Department Ways to Pay By Phone - call us on 01707 252 900 to make a payment using your debit card. If someone is paying on your behalf, or you are using their card, please ensure that they are available to authorise the payment. By the Internet - visit http://www.advancedcollection.co.uk/payonline You will need your account reference number By Online Banking - you can use your online banking service to make a payment to:Sort Code 20-92-54 | Account No 10060291. Please quote your ACS reference to ensure your payment is allocated correctly. At Your Bank - pay over the counter at any branch of your bank, building society or Post Office, quoting your reference and account details as above. By Cheque - made payable to ACS Limited and sent to our offices at:Steele House, 126 Great North Road, Hatfield, Herts, AL9 5JN.Please ensure your ACS reference is written clearly on the back of the cheque. By Pingit - you can use Barclays free Pingit service to make a secure payment fromyour mobile, even if you don't bank with Barclays. Just launch the Pingit app onyour mobile phone and use the short code PINGITQZQ910. If you don't have the app you can download it by texting Pingit to 62555. In Financial Difficulties? If you are having difficulty paying, please contact us as soon as possible. Ignoring your situation won't make it go away and we may be able to help. There are also lots of organisations* that can offer independent advice about debt. Here are a few: Business Debtline | http://www.bdl.org.uk | Freephone 0800 197 6026** Step Change | http://www.stepchange.org | Freephone 0800 138 1111** http://www.adviceguide.org.uk Advanced Collection Systems Ltd, Steele House, 126 Great North Road, Hatfield, Herts, AL95JN Tel: +44 (0) 1707 252900 Fax: +44 (0) 1707 252901 Email: admin@advancedcollection.co.uk Authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under licence number 664331 Registered in England & Wales at: Steele House, 126 Gt North Road, Hatfield, AL95JN. Co No: 4096010
  6. Thanks for the reply, they ask you to log into the mmf website to find out the debts. i can tell they are more then 6 years old.
  7. Thanks dude, i did have several defaults with them several years ago then disappeared if they do it again i'll go mad,
  8. Hi Guys, I just got this from MMF. CURRENT OUTSTANDING BALANCE: £1777.50 Our efforts to contact you are becoming exhausted as we have made several attempts to offer you a repayment solution and even a discount. In light of this we are preparing your account for one of the following possible actions: Legal Assessment - your account may be sent to our legal partner Moriarty Law, who will assess your account to determine if legal action is suitable. If they consider this to be the most appropriate action, we will inform you of the next steps. You should be aware that there may be additional costs in the event that legal action is taken. Assignment of your account to one of our external debt recovery partners, BPO Collections Ltd, or Themis Recoveries. You still have time to set a plan with us if you contact us within the next 7 days. There are several payment methods available to you, as previously advised we are happy to discuss together the available solutions in line with your circumstances. You can now manage your account online by visiting http://www.mmile.com/myaccount. If you prefer you can email us at customerservice@mmile.com. The details needed to set your plan are: Date of 1st instalment Payment Amount Frequency of Payments Preferred Payment Method Please ensure that your priority bills are up to date for example rent / mortgage, utility bills, council tax to make sure your payment is affordable. If you are experiencing financial difficulties please be assured that our specialist team will be able to assist you. Information pertaining to this account may be registered with credit referencing agencies, this information may then be used by future lenders, landlords and employers and may affect your ability to secure credit in the future. You can contact us on 0113 887 6876 if you wish to discuss your account(s). We look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely Motormile Finance UK Limited (MMF) I've never heard of them or any debts witht them?
  9. cool thanks i'll send that tonight,
  10. just had another email from this woman : Dear Thanks for your email. We could potentially look at a complaint against IND, but you need to give them the opportunity to do so first. I can say now though, that I don’t think we would agree with your complaint, because the amount they say you owe, has been approved by the courts, and we wouldn’t feel it appropriate to question or disagree with court decisions. In addition, according to the statement you sent us (copy attached), only £200 has been added to the outstanding amount, and this is for court fees. No interest or charges have been added since the loan defaulted in 2013. If you do decide you’d like to pursue a complaint against IND, you should register a complaint with them. Once they respond, or eight weeks has passed with no response, you can then ask us to get involved. Kind regards
  11. welcome came back with a reply saying they no longer have my file and they asked "IND to send me a statement instead as they have now brought the whole account" so now I have to deal with IND. Dear Prior to June 2016 IND were only managing your account, they would have been responsible for the CCJ on our behalf. Since June 2016 we sold the account to IND who now have full ownership of it. Best regards Customer Resolutions Team Customer Relations Welcome Financial Services Limited Ruddington Fields Business Park Ruddington Nottinghamshire 0333 99 9510 info@wfs.co.uk that's the email i got when i sent £10 to get the full report, I complained about welcome and IND treating me like crap on the phone and how the fees im getting on £2000 loan,
  12. Hi Dx100uk, Just thought i chase this one up with finance ombudsman, I get this reply. Dear I’ve been allocated your complaint about consideration. I tried to call you today, but there was no answer, so I’m emailing instead. I do already have the information I needed to give you my view on your complaint. I’m sorry to advise that yours is not a case I can fairly consider. This is because it’s not possible to achieve the resolution you’ve asked for. On your complaint form you said you’d like the following resolution: But it would not be possible for Welcome to do this as they no longer own the debt. Any adjustments to the amount owed would need to be made by the current debt owner – IND – but it appears you are not willing to deal with them. For Welcome to be able to adjust the amount owing, they’d first need to buy back the debt, but this is not something we could say they should do because of a court approved scheme. In summary, I’m afraid this service cannot take your complaint against Welcome any further. It’s possible we could look at a complaint against IND, but please bear in mind that we would not question or review any decisions made by the courts. I’m sorry to be the nearer of mad news, but I hope I’ve explained clearly, why I’ve come to my view. If anything is unclear or you have any questions for me about what I’ve said, please get in touch by 16 February 2017. Kind regards i think IND is a joke adding in all their fees (court fees,interest i had a full report on this now and a complaint "this debt is now over 6 years old" i've given them £800 in total and offered them money and yet still refused"
  13. Hi dx100uk, Just an update on this, I got £750 ppi reclaimed back and it went straight to stupid debt collectors IND yet they still added on their fees and im still paying £50 per month. i've made a complaint to welcome finance to hopefully get this final over Its causing me to get a mortgage with ccj but this morning i got a reply RE: Welcome Finance I INFO Reply| Tue 31/01, 16:15 You You forwarded this message on 01/02/2017 08:11 Dear Mr Thank you for your details. Unfortunately, Welcome Finance no longer have ownership of your account. Your account was sold to IND in June 2016, therefore, we have no access to your up to date account. Please refer back to IND and request their complaints procedure. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Best regards Customer Resolutions Team Customer Relations Welcome Financial Services Limited Ruddington Fields Business Park Ruddington Nottinghamshire 0333 99 9510 info@wfs.co.uk the debt is well over 4 years old now from ccj record 23/07/2013 on my noodle account. so either welcome finance is lying cause on my record it says 2013 or ind is lying they brought it in june 2016 which i had the debt way before then theses people love to mess people around and mess with their heads. i think i should take this to finance ombudsman see what they say,
  14. Well I've been summoned back to court received a letter last night even though i pay £50 yet again they have added £300 interest and court fee inc. they asking me to do a income and expenditure form a nd asking me how i can afford to offer £3,000 to clear the balance from help of the father in law and fiancee oh well thanks for the help I'll go back and offer £800 a month just get rid of it... i guess there nothing else i can do appreciate your help
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