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  1. Haha I like it. As their deadline is tomorrow and I cant get a hold of the letter today that they sent to me stating it has been passed back (not lost just at my girlfriends) should I phone them up stating the reason and I will send proof asap ? Thanks again
  2. If anyone can help me again that would be a godsend lol After sending the letter above to iQOR I received a letter stating iQOR are offering a substantial reduction on the debt but only available for 72 hours, the next day I received another letter from iQOR stating they are passing the debt back to the Original DCA (Halifax). Today I have came back after being away for a week to a letter from Incasso which is below: RE: Halifax PLC We have been contacted by iQOR Recovery Services Ltd in relation to monies owed to Halifax PLC for the sum of £ x.xx Unless iQor Recovery Servi
  3. I have only recently found this site I can cancel the claim with the claims company and contine to claim myself? Also due to the fact my account is £91.65 over the overdraft (due to intrest). I have brought the account into the arranged overdraft a few times but it keeps going over due to intrest. I never use this account. Would it be best for me to phone Halifax and try to come to an agreed amount to keep the overdraft in the black if possible? I think its stupid how I am having to pay intrest on an account that I have a claim to reclaim bank charges. Again thanks for any hel
  4. PGH, Thank you so much, I was worried about this but after reading your very quick response I feel much better. Thanks,
  5. Hi every I am wondering if anyone would be willing and kind enough to help me out. I have taken out a £1500 overdraft with Halifax (years ago) which I have put a claim in to recover bank charges (over £1000) with AdvantageClaims this was about 3 months ago. Today I have received a leter from iQOR stating that Halifax has passed on my debt to this company. I have not yet contacted Halifax or iQOR about the debt and would appreaciate any advice as I am completely stuck as to what to do. Also can Halifax sell on my debt even tho it is currently in dispute to claim back bank ch
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