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  1. Just that I'm not so bothered about going to court. But the idea that some bullies could lawfully turn up at my door and take my belongings if they can find a way in - based on someone's allegations just seems really wrong. Am I missing something?
  2. Thanks for your reply. I'll dig out my TA and check that. By the way, I get the part about taking someone to court, but being able to commision debt collectors? Can anyone enlist the service of debt collectors against anyone else? So could I enlist the service of a debt collector against a neighbour or company on the grounds that I believe they owe me money? Just doesn't seem right. or is it just companies against companies and companies against individuals? Would be really helpful to all to know more about this I think.
  3. Hello, I live (rent) in a new build development which uses a communal boiler to providehot water. This has been contracted to an energy provider for billing andpreviously maintenance purposes. Eachmonth’s bill is determined to be the sum of a service charge and energy usage.Previously the service charge was split in two a fee charged for maintenanceand a fee for the service itself. The maintenance charge was eventually droppedwhen the development management accepted complaints that their contractedsupplier had not been fulfilling their service agreement on ma
  4. I want all information they have on me from a given date onwards. And I want to know how and where it is being stored and who it will be made available to. I want to be able to scrutinise this information as I fear it is incorrect and being used to my detriment. From all of the example templates I have seen, it seems you must request everything in a more round about way otherwise they simply come back to you asking you to name specifically what it is you're after...which is a great loop hole for them since that would almost always end up allowing them to enforce limits on what they provid
  5. Does anyone know of a SAR template tailored more appropriately towards insurance companies?
  6. Hi all, Thus far all of the example subject access template letters I've managed to find relate quite specifically to banks and bank accounts. I tried to amend some to relate more closely to my needs which is to get all info from my previous insurers relating to me, but it's proving quite difficult. I'm wondering if anyone has a SAR that relates more to insurance, or even better, car insurance?
  7. It is only the notes related to the PCN issued to me that I would want to see. Do you know if they need the request to be in a particular format?
  8. Hello all, Wondering if anyone knows the process for requesting to see the penalty issuing CEO's notes? i.e how to do it, whether the borough council will oblige, and if so, how long they usualy take to supply them? Many Thanks
  9. Raykay..so assuming what I say to be thr truth..the CEO's were well aware of what they were doing..and the contractors have the discretion to release cars without charge in special circumstances. And they and only they would have had all the details available to verify this.
  10. Hi Raykay... I have a number of witnesses that will testify to having seen the CEO's in question discussing with the site foreman what to do about my car which at that point was legally parked (no signage) yet was abstructing the work that had to take place..in other words..the foreman wanted to know why the place had not been cleared..when their plans had been sent off to the council requesting the suspension to cover those bays too well in advance. The CEO then promptly contacted their office and had someone sent down immediately to sign post the area in order that they could then photo
  11. I believe someone else posted that... are you able to fo anythgn yourself? You know what..no need to answer that..you are now on ignore
  12. it is one rule fo rus and one rule for them.. our mistakes have to be made for - theirs do not - and to make matters worse, we need to fight to get our money back
  13. Thats rich coming from you.... Like your Bogus Green Friend..you too are going on ignore...
  14. Like I said, you're no Columbo..do not jump to conclusions - EVER I noticed it gone the day 'AFTER' it was towed..before you go making any more silly assumptions..let me explain>> On the day I left for work..my car was parked up in the residents permit bay and no signs were displayed (in other words..my car was left legally parked in the residents permit bay)..after work I did not return home until midnight..(my car during which time had already been towed - got that?...still with me?) ok lets proceed...when I returned..I did not pass the bay my car had been parked in but instead fro
  15. Green Bogey..could you please then help me out by actually reading my posts? where you don't understand..ask for clarification..otherwise..please please HELP me out by flyign away..out of this thread..and leave it to those that do want to contribute..
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