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  1. have told argos i bought the sat-nav from the folkestone store where i work using my staff discount, they are saying there is no record of my staff discount number being used on that day? which would link me to a sat-nav being purchased that day. but they had to use the cat number on the sat-nav box i returned proving it was originally a argos item?
  2. I have been employed by argos for 7 years. On wed last week i was called into the office by my store manager without prior notice to see the head of our profit protection team. She said that transactions with my staff number discount had flagged up by the computer system they use. On the 28/09/09 i went to an argos extra store to purchase a rug which would've taken 4 days to order in to the store i work. I had with me a sat nav which i purchased in january which was faulty so i needed to get a refund on that first. I didn't have the original receipt but the argos catalogue number was on the box,the member of staff who served me called the customer services manager to authorise the refund. As i didnt have the receipt i got back the lowest selling price onto a gift card plus i had my staff discount taken off therefore i got back less than what i paid. What has now come up is there isn't a record of the original sale so they put it to me that i didn't buy the item from argos. I said i am 100% sure that i did buy it from argos and i remembered the date i bought as the next day was my husbands birthday. I also said i do not know any of the staff at ashford personally and the catologue number was on the box otherwise the manager would not have done the refund at all. they are acusing me of not buying the sat-nav in store? this looks like in their eyes i frauduently got fe-fund via their store. I was told i could possibly be facing a disciplinary hearing and would be notified in due course. My store manager rang me yesterday on my day off to inform me the hearing is on the 10th November at the store where i work and the store manager and customer services manager from another store would do the hearing. I was told i could have someone with me. i am 100% honest and could relly do with some advice
  3. we have decided to post the keys back to our mortgage lender, G E Money. we are due to appear at court 3/09/09 on reposession orders. do we still have to appear? we have written a letter to G E Money with the keys with a new address we will be living in and also saying we acknowledge the debt owed on the mortgage will have to be payed via a reasonable monthly payment once the house is moved on.
  4. they want us to return to paying £1300 + £200 to pay off the arrears?? this is impossible as our joint income is now only £2100 pmnth. our worry is that if we do manage to get ok on paying £900 p mnth at the end of fixed rate term the arrears be so much the re calculated mortgage will still be to jigh to meet?
  5. hi supersnooper. as can see from above, in a mess? we really do not know which way to turn, go to court and hope judge rules in our favour, but in the end the arrears will amount to so much that at the end of fixed rate term the arrears and interest against a new term mortgage will prob be so high the repayments will still be far to high to meet?? or.... hand the keys back, go into rented accomadation and when they come after us for the short fall sort out some sort of deal or maybe bankruptcy is the answer??
  6. was caught via mobile camera van, 48mph + 52mph on A road 60mph limit, i was driving HGV which are restricted to 40mph on A roads. i did recieve NIP on 6/1/09 which i did return , i got no reply so just stayey low hoping i was one that slipped through net? a month ago i was arrested and taken to court, i had not recieved a court summons either in the post hence the arrest to appear next day, spent night in cells. the court would not listen to the mitigating circumstances as i was in court failing to attend a court + failing to supply details, they passed sentence ie 12 points + fine with option to appeal. i am waiting for court date to arrive at moment, then can put new case where mitigating circumstances can be heard. as for the post? the post office will not release info to me about the suspensions of the postal staff involved in the missing mail.. DPA etc? we have tried finding archive reports in local papers but is needle in hay stack and the papers don't seem to keep records by item?? spent hours down library but still can't find any article on the post theft, police won't help without dates etc whiich are protected by the post office? my word against court it looks?
  7. def an error on their part, the courts wrote the convictions on the licence in ink, once the court returned it to me i still had to send the licence to dvla, which they have returned to me exactly the same as i sent it.
  8. ok, if we attend court with options of promising to keep paying as we have been doing over the past year at £900 in a scale of 10 do you think the judge would favour our case? we are at present looking at rental options and moving out and sending them the keys. is this a stupid thing to do ? can't see us clearing the arrears as property is 25k negative now, so could be 5yr+ before we can poss break even. what a mess?
  9. can't do scanner. the letter reads..... NOTICE of RESTORED HEARING on top left. to the right is claim number + claimant details, then the court hearing date and time in the rest of the letter. i have also just recieved this morn a letter from solicitors acting on behalf of GE with also date and times of hearing?
  10. IS THERE A LOOPHOLE IN THIS? i have just been to court and have had 12 points lumped on my licence via 2 camera offences, i've kept my licence due to hardship grounds as i am a truck driver and need licence to work etc etc, when i got the licence back from the courts the offence dates are wrong on the licence? the offences took place on the same day 11/11/08, but they have put down the offences happened on 30/12/08???? i am in process at going for appeal as my company insurance does not cover 12 point drivers and looks like i'll be out of work. i never recieved a NIP through the post as post was being stolen from my area, hence i had to go to court and thats why i got 12 points ? i would have bit the bullet and taken the 6 points + £120 fine if i had recieved the NIP's and the FPNs throgh the post. the court would not except the mitigating circumstances and still gave me 12 on the day which i am now appealing against to keep my job. any ideas out ther?? thanks.
  11. The Summons Came Via Normal Letter From The County Court, It Does'nt Ask For Acknowledgement But Does Say To Call The Court Day Before The Hearing
  12. Thanks Pgh, We Have Followed Your Helpful Links And Are Now Writing To Ge Lending A Cpr + A Sar. Will Let You Know Their Responses, Thanks Again From Zebs@co
  13. Mrs As Filed Summons Letter? She Be Back Home 5mins So Will Re Read Sumons, Is There A Pre Written Cpr Form Or Help On How To Compose A Cpr ?
  14. Only Just Received The Court Summons, First Time Been Any Where Like This So Not Rep;ied And Slso Don't Know If Or Who Is Mcol
  15. no paper work, we done all verbally with trust over the phone? we have got names and times of the conversations, but every month we contact them each one blamed the other for not giving us the right options although each one of them said to carry on paying the £900 ?? our fault for trusting them i fear, what is a POC?
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