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  1. So, I recently took out a 'sensible' long term loan to get myself out of the vicious payday loan circle; I got quite excited when the money arrived in my account and paid off about £600 worth of PDL's in one hit, sigh on relief. Wonga emailed me to say that I still owed £25 interest which had somehow been applied after I settled early, now Wonga's early repayment terms are as simple as: Repay early and all you pay is the loan amount plus interest accrued over however many days you've had the loan, ok fair enough, so I settle the full amount displayed in my account; I phoned Wonga after se
  2. What happens in the meantime... I apparently have eight days from the date of the letter (15th) to make payment... its going to take longer than that to put a request in. This is all too much.
  3. Ok I've phoned the number on the letter, the automated message says "Thanks for calling Clarity"... and it was all set up online. I'm guessing Clarity are some kind of agency, would they be accommodating to arrange a repayment plan... or is this "Preparing a Court Summons" beyond that. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I received a letter from ICS regarding outstanding debt, I missed a couple of payments, settled them, missed a third, it was passed on to a separate collector and I agreed to repay the amount I owed. Now I am spreading this over a course of months, £480 total at £40 a month. They've sent me a letter demanding the full remaining balance of £361 to be paid within 8 days and that they're preparing a court summons, and that I should either pay up or seek legal advice. They say I signed a credit agreement, as far as I was aware they'd only set up a direct debit, there was no credit ch
  5. Hi guys, I phoned NCO today and they seemed surprisingly accommodating. I offered to pay back £40 a month and they were fine with it, I have been told it has been put in the system and I'll receive a phone call on payday for the money. Now... is this totally legitimate or are they still going to attempt to take the money...?
  6. Didn't know that. There is a way with these monsters, and I thought I was totally doomed! Thanks once again, I'll keep this updated with whats going on
  7. And can't demand anything, so the requiring some form of payment in 7 days or further action will be taken threat is... empty?
  8. Okay, I'll get onto this tomorrow. Thanks ever so much for all your help
  9. Okay I'll speak to them first, if they refuse I will block the card, and make all further correspondence by post. Do I literally just need to tell them what I can afford to pay and thats it? or can they if they so wish demand full amount and leave me with no choice? thanks.
  10. Okay thanks for all your advice so far, its giving me a clearer picture of the process. They have set up a payment to leave my account via debit card on my payday, are they legally obliged to cancel this upon my request?
  11. Phew! I get really worked up about these things, I have aspergers which can mean I forget very easily, and totally inadvertently about what I owe. I just hope they can understand from my point of view that paying in one lump is too much. Thanks for your advice, I shall let you know the result after I ring them tomorrow
  12. Hi there, I stupidly put off a payment to Paypal to resolve a negative balance and subsequently NCO are now after me to recover the money. I phoned them up and paid £20 off the debt (£184) in total and agreed to pay the remainder on my payday, this is however looking bleak as its looking like I'm not going to be able to afford it. Would a company like this be sympathetic at all and accept maybe 3 or 4 installments to settle the debt? I would appreciate any input on this, Thanks
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