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  1. As you might have seen in another thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/utilities-gas-electricity-water/269847-edf-overcharged-me-1400-a.html My father has recently asked me to take over his finances, for various reasons. He lives in a very small one bed flat that uses E7 (two storage heaters for whole flat). Looking through his outgoings, his monthly electricity bill was £87, which I immediately knew was too high. I contacted his provider Scottish Hydro (Scottish and Southern), and after a few meter readings over the course of an evening, we established his readings
  2. Unfortunately I can't offer advice, only to say my dad is in the exact same situation. He moved to Scottish Hydro from Scottish Power in May 2006, and yesterday we found out that he had overpaid £1400 also. Looks like transposed readings inherited from Scot Power (we're on to them too). No offer of compensation, but to be honest we're just glad to get the cash back
  3. Just a quick update: I had a phone call this morning from a regional manager of Kwik Fit, following making a complaint via email last night. I followed Conniff's advice regarding the staff failing to report a problem or follow customer direction, and pointedly stated that I am a lecturer at a University less than a couple of miles from the centre I visited; and that should I be asked by staff or my students, I would more than willingly inform them of the type of service I received. Oddly enough, the Kwik Fit man has now offered to refund me the cost of the new sump and fitting (but
  4. Thanks again Conniff. I'm planning to write a letter off to the manager as no harm can come from it. The local garage I took it to fitted a new sump for £140, in the hope that the more steady flow of oil would solve any tappet problem... unfortunately it hasn't as yet. Luckily my brother the army mechanic (12 years experience) came home at the weekend, had a look, and said whilst he could see no real damage to the engine, he suggests a cylinder head overhaul. He'll do the work for free, and I can just pay for parts, but that'll still be around £100-150. So the total repair bill c
  5. Thanks for your help and advice conniff... As noted, I did ask Kwik Fit to look at the oil during the service, due to the second time the warning light had appeared, however you are right that I should have pressed the matter.
  6. Fortunately Kwik Fit didn't do the pads and discs, my brother did! But he's in the army and moved away, so can't help with this problem... Both garages claim a hole in the sump developed through corrosion only... and no other apparent leaks. The warning light has come on three times in the past year. In July 2009, when I first noticed the large use of oil; in november, a month after I begun a new job that requires much higher mileage than my last, then again in approx March. Last oil change was at the January service - around 4k miles ago... I had planned to do it again in a couple
  7. Hello! Since last July, my car (01 reg Yaris - currently 85K on clock) has been going through more oil than it used to. In August I took insurance with Kwik Fit, and in December I used their free MOT offer, and the car passed with no problems. In January, because of the discount through the insurance, I took it back to Kwik Fit for a service. At that time, when asked if the car had any problems, I told them a wheel trim needed to be fitted and that the car was using a lot of oil. Both were written down by the guy on the desk, on a form. After the service, I was told the front b
  8. Thanks so much for that reassurance. UU insisted that this swapping-only policy is standard practice and that we have no right to complain. Its good to know that we aren't mad. One query though - how would we go about suing? Dad is still unemployed (which makes this all the more horrendous) so we don't have the money to pay for solicitors.
  9. Absolutely - United Utilities are a horrendous company! Contact the media, your MP, everyone - we need to get together and make sure UU lose their contract.
  10. Hi all I'm hoping one (or several of you!) can help regarding an ongoing issue with the truly appalling United Utilities. My father has lived in his flat for 10 years and he has a water meter; around 3/4 years ago his bills began slowly to rise and around 18 months ago (early 2008) his bills rose to the point he had to lend money from me and my brothers to pay - he was also made unemployed at this time. Of course dad repeatedly contact United Utilities to tell them he thought the bills were incorrect and asked a year ago for someone to look at the meter. They finally sent someone on 3
  11. Hello everyone My friend and I moved into a new house (rented) in mid-June. When we attempted to shower the day after we moved in, we immediately noticed that the shower: 1) is extremely loud. Its an old-style motor-pump, and the pump is going. When the shower is turned on the whole house shakes and wakes up the other housemate 2) cuts out. As the pump is going about 3-5 minutes into the shower, the cold water stops being pulled through and the water turns extremely hot. The first time I used it I scalded my arm. 3) cannot be used twice in the morning (when we need it to get rea
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