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  1. As you might have seen in another thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/utilities-gas-electricity-water/269847-edf-overcharged-me-1400-a.html My father has recently asked me to take over his finances, for various reasons. He lives in a very small one bed flat that uses E7 (two storage heaters for whole flat). Looking through his outgoings, his monthly electricity bill was £87, which I immediately knew was too high. I contacted his provider Scottish Hydro (Scottish and Southern), and after a few meter readings over the course of an evening, we established his readings were transposed. Scottish Hydro resolved the problem immediately (a lovely woman called Fiona McKay has been absolutely brilliant: understanding, friendly, efficient and most importantly for a power company - honest - and calls you back when she promises!), and refunded my father £1400. Dad moved to Scottish Hydro in May 2006, prior to which he had been with Scottish Power since 1998 when he moved into the property. By a remarkable stroke of luck, dad had a bill from Scot Power from December 2005, and it was evident from the readings, that Scot Hydro had inherited the problem of transposed readings from Scot Power. I have sent a letter and called Scot Power who have confirmed they were billing dad with Rate 1: night Rate 2: day Which for my father is incorrect. Now Scot Power are refusing to refund any money - they even refuse to admit how much the overcharged in that 8 year period. We have written evidence from Scot Hydro to say that Rate 1 is day, and Rate 2 night. But Scot Power don't care. What can we do? I believe there is a Scot Power rep on here. if you have any clues, please pitch in. Thanks!
  2. Unfortunately I can't offer advice, only to say my dad is in the exact same situation. He moved to Scottish Hydro from Scottish Power in May 2006, and yesterday we found out that he had overpaid £1400 also. Looks like transposed readings inherited from Scot Power (we're on to them too). No offer of compensation, but to be honest we're just glad to get the cash back
  3. Just a quick update: I had a phone call this morning from a regional manager of Kwik Fit, following making a complaint via email last night. I followed Conniff's advice regarding the staff failing to report a problem or follow customer direction, and pointedly stated that I am a lecturer at a University less than a couple of miles from the centre I visited; and that should I be asked by staff or my students, I would more than willingly inform them of the type of service I received. Oddly enough, the Kwik Fit man has now offered to refund me the cost of the new sump and fitting (but not the service), and is sending me some Kwik Fit vouchers (which I will pass on as Christmas presents to people I don't actually like).
  4. Thanks again Conniff. I'm planning to write a letter off to the manager as no harm can come from it. The local garage I took it to fitted a new sump for £140, in the hope that the more steady flow of oil would solve any tappet problem... unfortunately it hasn't as yet. Luckily my brother the army mechanic (12 years experience) came home at the weekend, had a look, and said whilst he could see no real damage to the engine, he suggests a cylinder head overhaul. He'll do the work for free, and I can just pay for parts, but that'll still be around £100-150. So the total repair bill could be up to £300. A bargain, but still something that I do feel could have been avoided had Kwik Fit undertaken a proper service. My brother also noted that no-one with any motor experience should have even considered that the car needed a whole new engine. Oddly enough, Colin the guy at Kwik Fit rang me to say that he did have a mate just down the road with a second hand Yaris engine who could do the job for me. Handy eh?
  5. Thanks for your help and advice conniff... As noted, I did ask Kwik Fit to look at the oil during the service, due to the second time the warning light had appeared, however you are right that I should have pressed the matter.
  6. Fortunately Kwik Fit didn't do the pads and discs, my brother did! But he's in the army and moved away, so can't help with this problem... Both garages claim a hole in the sump developed through corrosion only... and no other apparent leaks. The warning light has come on three times in the past year. In July 2009, when I first noticed the large use of oil; in november, a month after I begun a new job that requires much higher mileage than my last, then again in approx March. Last oil change was at the January service - around 4k miles ago... I had planned to do it again in a couple of weeks, but this came up first! Any clearer?? (and thanks)
  7. Hello! Since last July, my car (01 reg Yaris - currently 85K on clock) has been going through more oil than it used to. In August I took insurance with Kwik Fit, and in December I used their free MOT offer, and the car passed with no problems. In January, because of the discount through the insurance, I took it back to Kwik Fit for a service. At that time, when asked if the car had any problems, I told them a wheel trim needed to be fitted and that the car was using a lot of oil. Both were written down by the guy on the desk, on a form. After the service, I was told the front brake pads and discs needed to be replaced (which I did), but there was no mention of any oil problems. Today, my car developed a rattling noise, so I returned it to the same Kwik Fit I have always used (Stretford, by Old Trafford), and was told I needed a new engine as a corroded oil sump had meant very low oil levels damaging the engine. I contacted my mum, who gave me the car, and she instructed me to take it to her local backstreet garage which a friend uses just to confirm. They are saying that the rattling comes from the top of the engine, and that an engine flush, new sump, and full hydraulics check *should* fix the problem. I discussed the service with them (not stating where I took it), and they said that the level of corrosion was such that it could not have happened to that extent in the last 6 months, and *should* have been spotted at service, especially as I had requested it. Anyone have any idea where I might stand with Kwik Fit on recovering any costs for the new repair?? Thanks!!!
  8. Thanks so much for that reassurance. UU insisted that this swapping-only policy is standard practice and that we have no right to complain. Its good to know that we aren't mad. One query though - how would we go about suing? Dad is still unemployed (which makes this all the more horrendous) so we don't have the money to pay for solicitors.
  9. Absolutely - United Utilities are a horrendous company! Contact the media, your MP, everyone - we need to get together and make sure UU lose their contract.
  10. Hi all I'm hoping one (or several of you!) can help regarding an ongoing issue with the truly appalling United Utilities. My father has lived in his flat for 10 years and he has a water meter; around 3/4 years ago his bills began slowly to rise and around 18 months ago (early 2008) his bills rose to the point he had to lend money from me and my brothers to pay - he was also made unemployed at this time. Of course dad repeatedly contact United Utilities to tell them he thought the bills were incorrect and asked a year ago for someone to look at the meter. They finally sent someone on 31st July 2009. The inspector confirmed after full checking that the meter was crossed. The bill my father has been paying belongs to another flat, and the meter attached to his supply is paid by another property. The inspector confirmed which meter should be attributed to my dad's account, and confirmed that the reading on that meter was 811. In May 2009 my dad's bill read 1220 units. He has thus paid an extra 409 units (£1000, or 2666 days of water). Dad rang United Utilities a few days following the inspectors visit, and he was told that the inspectors report would be used to amend his account and repayment would have to be fully worked out. Two weeks later dad rang and they had taken no action. They told dad another inspector would have to view the meter and this would take 2 months. I then spoke to United Utilities, and after being verbally abused by staff and overtly lied to, they acknowledged that they did not need to send an inspector to my dad's flat, they needed to send it to the flat who had been paying my dad's bill. In short, even though they accept which meter supplies my dad's flat, and that he has overpaid massively, they are refusing to return his money unless they can make a clean swap with the other flat who has paid his bill. The other flat is currently vacant, and the landlord is uncooperative. Can they really sit on dad's money and continue to force him to pay for water he has not used? I have contacted my dad's MP who has agreed to get involved - but the consumer council for water are not interested as we have not received a 'deadlock' letter (UU won't issue this because they argue they can continue chasing the other flat until whichever time they see fit). Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone My friend and I moved into a new house (rented) in mid-June. When we attempted to shower the day after we moved in, we immediately noticed that the shower: 1) is extremely loud. Its an old-style motor-pump, and the pump is going. When the shower is turned on the whole house shakes and wakes up the other housemate 2) cuts out. As the pump is going about 3-5 minutes into the shower, the cold water stops being pulled through and the water turns extremely hot. The first time I used it I scalded my arm. 3) cannot be used twice in the morning (when we need it to get ready for work) We immediately rang the handyman (the landlady had already told us that any repairs would be done through her handyman) and told him of the problem. He agreed that the motor was going and that this type of shower means that yes, showers have to be short and that there must be at least an hour gap between showers - which is completely impractical when two adults who work live there (it is a family-type house). The handyman rang the landlady to inform her, who agreed to replace the shower. We are now 8 weeks later, and still do not have a shower. A week ago the handyman came to do some cabling for a new shower. Firstly he has left the house in a mess - we have holes in the wall, exposed cables, tiles off the wall and no shower. He also told us to stop ringing him as he is 'busy'. As such we directly contacted the landlady to say how unhappy we are. She has a long-standing friendship with the handyman and refused to get someone else in. She stated that we have a bath and therefore have no right to complain and that it would be done as soon as the handyman could. The problem is six months ago I had a cancer scare (I'm 27) and had a biopsy. Tomorrow I have to go for a check-up and most likely will have to have another biopsy; after which I cannot be immersed in water so cannot use a bath. This means that as of tomorrow I will have no washing facilities. The landlady has agreed to the repair, but the handyman is just too busy/lazy to do it. What can we do? Thanks
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