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  1. Hi again. So after I recieved a letter from the bailliffs to say that they wouldn't accept my agreement and they wanted more money from me every month, I decided to wait until I got paid to try and offer them a payment straight away. Anyway, this was last month, and I hadn't sent them correspondence back as I was waiting to work out my situation. This morning I have recieved a letter from my council with an "attatchment of earnings" order, this has been passed to my employers and according to the regulations 12% will be coming out of my wages every month (about £150). Now it looks
  2. We have Virgin Media services and I'm pretty sure she has simply admitted that she does by agreeing a payment plan. A fella had been around to arrange this. She is guilty, but we are wondering if there is anyway she can admit her mistake, and cancel court proceedings to keep to another payment plan.
  3. Yes, I think she had arranged to pay, but failed to keep up the agreement
  4. My girlfriend has recieved a court summons today for owning a colour TV and not having a license between a certain period, she has options to please guilty/not guilty etc. I guess there is no way she can just arrange a payment plan to pay off for the period now? Any advice or similair stories would be helpful
  5. Hi All, I've had a reply from excel this morning and it looks like they're being pretty reasonable. They have said my offer of £30 a month is not acceptable, but are willing to accept £85 a month with an immediate payment being made, plus setting up a standing order for £85 from the 1st of October, but with increased costs. Now I really can't afford to pay this, as I'm already behind on my current council tax which I'm paying £160 for at the moment... Another £85 would seriously leave me short. What can I do?
  6. Did you R on your keyboard break while writing that? Thanks for the advice, I'll be waiting for a response from them
  7. Ok, well I've sent the letters, and incuded both reference numbers. I've sent the one to the baillifs via recorded delivery, and the one to the council via first class post.
  8. Also is the reference I need to put in the letter my council tax property ref? Or the reference on the baillifs note?
  9. Am I best sending the letters by recorded delivery? I can't hand it in to the council as I am in work until 5pm.
  10. I've just spoken to the court and they have advised that the warrant will have been issued by the council, but did confirm that I didn't have any court fines. I've just spoken to the council who have issued the warrant and they think they are within their rights to issue the warrant as they had already issued a liability disorder. Surely this is not correct as the legislation clearly states that a distress warrant can only be issued for non payment of court fines?
  11. I'm sorry to be such a nuisense here! I have another question. My debt for Council Tax was going to court, but I intervened and asked them to review in view of my financial situation, they then gave me installments again, and I again failed to pay, due to my problems at the time. Then it was pretty much passed to the baillifs straight away, will this mean that I have had a court fine, or are they just court fees? Is there anyway I could have been given a fine, which would allow them to execute this warrant of distress?
  12. Shall I put something in the letter that highlights the bit below? 8.5 Reasonable Force may be used to gain entry in these circumstances only: a. A bailiff is executing a magistrates distress warrant for non-payment of fines. Obviously my debt is for council tax and not fines.
  13. 8.5 Reasonable Force may be used to gain entry in these circumstances only: a. A bailiff is executing a magistrates distress warrant for non-payment of fines. This is the bit that worries me, as they have sent a notice of exectution of distress warrent...
  14. I need to send this tomorrow so if anyone here can give me some pointers as to the letters' content I would be eternally grateful...
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