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  1. Thanks for your reply imucky. I didn't admit the other journeys, the inspector said that I was obviously lying and playing naive and that based on the journey history from my pre-paid oyster print out, he believed I had made other journeys on the freedom pass, and that they could prove this with CCTV. Whether this was to force a confession or if it's true, I'm not sure. I was asked whether I was a student or working and so my response was that I'm looking for work, so yes that is sort of intent. Are there any steps I can take to avoid having the mark on my CRB or not have this go to c
  2. You're right SPRO, I should be heavily fined and I completely accept responsibility for these actions. However I disagree that it should be as 'serious' as to be prosecuted, possibly leading to a mark on a CRB which seems rediculously excessive. After all no one or no property has been harmed and with a heavy fine LU would be getting back more than they lost and I have definitely learned my lesson. My main question was whether anyone else has had CCTV evidence used against them..
  3. I've a few questions I really really would appreciated the answer to I was stopped using a friends freedom pass the other day and went through the entire interview process (an hour!) and gave all details correctly. I said I mistakenly thought it was my pass that was being used, which I surrendered along with the freedom pass, which had money on it (despite not being what I now understand as being 'validated' or swiped in) and evidence of my past journeys made, which they printed out. The freedom pass didn't have a photocard with it, which I guess makes me look m
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