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  1. Yes Godmother I did try that but no luck! I think they believe I have a huge stash of cash under my mattress and am just pretending I have no money!!
  2. To be honest I havent asked for CCA. All I seem to do is write letters (we have 8 creditors in all) and I have read of the hassle it can be to get these company's to comply. I know that sounds lame but it is all getting us down a bit.
  3. Thanks Dannyboy. Unfortunately our debts are more than £5k! Have been looking into all sorts of ways of repaying but Im offering no token payments at present as there just isnt enough money to cover it. Will see what happens. I do not own a home or have any assets.
  4. Thanks for all replys..certainly wont send them the details they want!
  5. Thanks for your reply. I have been negotiating with capquest regarding a loan with tesco that I could no longer afford the original payments. I can no longer afford any payments due to my husband being unable to work becuase of his health. I stay home to look after my young son and my husband. I have explained this in a letter to capquest but they want me to fill in their income/expenditure form. I have already sent them a budget sheet which I download from National debtline. They tend to ignore what I am saying to them!!
  6. Hi all. Just a short question...capquest are asking for proof of mine and my husbands benefits. Do you think this is a good idea and do they actually need this information? Any advice would be grateful. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for all your help and advice. Im now seriously considering bankcruptcy, as I see no other way of getting these people off my back without long fights and loads of letters/phone calls going back and forth! Every letter is just over £1 a go. With 8 creditors its costing loads just to communicate with these people!! I do not own a house, have no assets or nothing of value. My husband is on indefinite sick leave on SSP and we are just scraping by. We have 3 children too which cost the earth!! lol Any advice on the bankcruptcy route would be appreciated. I have started filling out forms on
  8. Thank you Diamondgirl. Much appreciated. I will send one asap. Thanks loobyloo for your post. I was advised not to take out a debt management plan as our finances are unstable. I understand a DMP is legally binding and I may not be able to keep to it. Thanks anyway.
  9. Thank you for your reply, How do you get a CCA? And how will I know if it is enforcable? There is a 'late payment charge' on last months statement of £12 and I assume on previous months too. But the interest is 0%, so thats something I suppose!
  10. Hi all, I am new to this site and have been reading some of the threads on here. It seems a very informative site, but im now confused with what I should do in my circumstances. Let me give you a brief history. My husband and I have had some changes in our financial circumstances over the last couple of years, making it difficult to make payments on our loans, credit cards and overdrafts. I got some advice from 'national debtline' who were very helpful. I was told to change to a basic bank account, which we have done, and send letters to our creditors telling them our situation and make a
  11. Thank you 'banker rhymes with'. Im just sick of these so called debt collectors trying to frighten people to give money they cant afford. I cant believe they are still doing it and not all thrown in jail with the rest of the criminals!!! Im now ignoring their calls and paying what i can afford.
  12. I dont think there are many people 5.3 billion in debt!!! A few hundred is a drop in the ocean compared to that sort of figure. If we cant afford more than £1 a month then thats all you will get. Its a matter of CANT not WANT!
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