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  1. So, I finally tried to use the PAC number: gave it Orange, and they say no problem should be all switched over in couple of days. Today I get a call from BT Mobile saying they're really sorry but because it's an 07777 number their system will only let them transfer it to O2 or Vodaphone! WTF! :-x:-x I've contacted Ofcom and they agree that BT Mobile are legally obliged to port the number, so hereby starts the fun! I've been given BT's Ofcom complaints number - been stuck in a queue thus far though. If I get no joy from them I have to write a formal letter of complaint to BT... and then if that doesn't work I can refer the case to the Ombudsman after 8 weeks! I'm not letting BT get away with this. I'm not going through the pain and inconvenience of switch phone numbers just because they can't get their **** together! Moshi
  2. Thanks for the suggestion... I gave both T-Mobile and Orange sales a call and both of them said that there was no reason they wouldn't be able to accept the number Weird! Thanks again! Moshi
  3. Hi, Hope someone can help me out with this question! Given that I've come to the end of my contract, I called BT Mobile yesterday to get a PAC code. They dealt with my request quickly and efficiently, and gave me a PAC code right there and then over the phone! However they said that because my number starts 07777 I can only use it with themselves, Vodaphone or O2. Is that right ? I thought that any mobile provider would accept any number from any other mobile operator... isn't that the whole idea of PACs? Many Thanks! Moshi
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