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  1. Just to say for future reference, you shouldnt touch any switches if you suspect a gas leak (on or off). As reallymadwoman said, open the windows and call transco immediately.
  2. Thanks Rae Well, just had DWP on phone, turns out they are giving us no help whatsoever and do not give any disregards for accommodation. However, the letter I provided from my supervisor clearly states that the stipend is to cover accommodation and living costs. Anyone know if they can disregard what the scholarship funds are intended for?? This is making me so angry! If I need to quit Uni then I'll be unemployed and they will end up paying out anyway. Makes no sense at all
  3. Just to say, i'm going to be giving DWP a phone tomorrow to try to clarify whether they have applied the correct disregards. Just need to hope they have made a mistake somewhere along the line.........
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. I will start a thread when I get my act together enough to send a request to the DCA, have now reverted to being a big wimp again - so much for my bravery earlier on! I'm worried i'm told it is enforceable and they ask for immediate payment. Best of luck to you in your endeavours S x
  5. Hey SFU, As per your last paragraph, I am v. interested about the onus being placed on the lender to confirm that the original agreement (not a copy) exists, as per 01/12/09. Could you let me know where you sourced this information? As a fellow Scot I am v. v. interested in this information, as you can imagine Cheers, S x
  6. Hi Cymruambyth, Thanks for the link to that letter. I'm a real novice at all this! I didn't make a new thread for this because I noticed that Wendella had acheived what I hope to and thought I would ask her how she did it and what she sent initially. Thanks again
  7. Hey Wendella, Sorry to hijack your post but just a quick q. I have been following your posts withinterest RE:cabot and would like to know if it was a template letter that you sent to them to ask for the CCA? If so, could you point me in the right direction?? This is prob really annoying in your thread, so if you are willing to help you could PM me if I am bugging you. Well done to you anyway, I don't quite have the guts to challenge DCA's normally but am feeling somewhat brave today S x
  8. Hi, Could someone tell me how to change my username please?? Thanks
  9. Great thanks. I forgot about the tax credit thing - incidentally I spoke to them this morning and it turns out as the scholarship isnt means tested or for dependents, etc. just a stipend that all successfull course applicants get they dont count it as an income. Jus thought i'd add that incase anyone reading this is wondering whether postgraduate stipends are classed for tax credit payments.
  10. Hi Erika, Thanks very much for your input and those links. I think the deductions for living costs, cooks and travel annually may be of help with this and intend to submit an appeal with this information included asap. Do you by any chance know the minimum weekly living amount for 2 adults and 2 kids that the DWP use? I had in my head it was £260 odd and when deducting accommodation and trave/books from this am below it. Do you know if the low income limit is whats left after accommodation or is it made up of actual income? I swear they intentionally conceal this information!!
  11. If anyone would be willing to share their opinions or knowledge about this sort of thing i'd be really grateful.
  12. Hi, My husband started to claim contribution based JSA in April and this was changed to Income based JSA in about August I think. At the time I had no income as i had just graduated from university so we recieved payments towards our mortgage and council tax benefit etc. When I started a postgraduate course in October we notified them of my stipend (tax free money from a scholarship to support me during my course). When I updated them, the DWP decided we were no-longer entitled to anything from them because our income (mine, chilt tax credit and child benefit) brings us £28 a week ov
  13. Hi, Will read the reccomended forum and thanks again for your patience/help. I'll let you know what happens.......... Thanks
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