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  1. Sunflower...2007 it was. Yes Spiders are baaaaaad close up, they have FANGS! Not seen it since night before last when it was evicted, but still very jumpy I shall try to help others, once I see where this goes, make sure I'm giving correct advice at the moment, I wouldn't like to advise, when I'm not 100% sure I know what I'm doing & don't 100% understand things yet. I will get there, just need to calm down from the spider incident first I know it's silly, but that's made me more of a nervous wreck than any DCA could! I shall let you all know what the CAB say should b
  2. Underdog, I hadn't thought about being able to refer them on, you're right, thank you soooo much! I've just discovered what those scales do...& got "You have given out too much reputation in the last 24 hours please try again later" So that's what I'll be doing Thank you everyone who has been so kind, helpful, practical, friendly & supportive, I'm very happy I came here & met all you lovely people
  3. Yes I get DLA, I didn't realise it wasn't countable...in that case I'm a further £70 per month down
  4. Yes, feeling much better today, got an appointment with the CAB too, they're gonna intervene on my behalf Usually my cat takes care of all spiders but I think this one was too big for him, he just stared at it!
  5. I caught it, about 2 - 3 hours ago - still cant sleep it is safely outside, but my goodness! What a practise it'd be if DCA's started posting big spiders through your letter box!?! Now that's a reason to pay up regardless & quickly if there ever was one. Just as well animal rights groups would probably have something to say on that practise!
  6. That calculator thingy you linked me to Boo, has shown I have £6 for debt (this doesn't take into account the £11 per month I pay in fees for my overdraft - so really I'm -£5) It's frightening to see where it all goes!
  7. I find it difficult to understand that £265 is a small amount, cause to me it's not, although when I looked at SMT's thread on sharklycard I realise it cost sharklycard almost £1000 to attend court & that was just for a disclosure order, after reading that I can't imagine any company willing to risk almost £1000 for £265 (Especially when they have no proof I ever received the items - as I didn't, so as long as I don't sign anything they can't use my signiture to create false documents) Thanks to everyone on here, my biggest worry at this minute is the huge spider that's been running r
  8. I am indeed feeling better & starting to laugh at the whole mess, especially if it comes down to changing the printer paper, I am actually amazed they get away with things like that. Anyway, letter goes off on tuesday (Don't have the money to send it until then), I am also glad the have to prove I had the goods because as you've seen, they've given the impression they don't need to do that based on the age of the account. Now I've spoken to my mum about it, I find out she used to work for Natwest's in-house debt collection team & (if it did get that far) if the order of ent
  9. Thank you all, I am now starting to laugh at all this mess. I shall indeed get that letter off asap & will keep you updated on it all - no more phone conversations for me either
  10. I shall try (again) to make a CAB appointment on monday (assuming they're open, I have to check that)...ooh no, not monday, have to be tuesday - hospital monday! Ack! I'm losing my marbles I keep forgetting important things like that! I'm glad they can't take kitty paws, he's the most important thing to me, I love him lots! BTW, someone said earlier about not being able to have a cat because of a dog? Generally speaking, except for the rare exception of temperament (so racing dogs mainly) it is a myth that dogs & cats can't live happily together, My mum has 2 cats & 2 dogs,
  11. £1 per month is findable, don't misunderstand me, but with all my expenses taken into consideration, technically there's not £1 to find. But I am feeling reassured now that things aren't as bad as I've been led to believe.
  12. Thank you Boo, I now understand & will happily send that letter off. I am also grateful for the knowledge that Bailiffs are unlikely, that helps me a lot. I shall have to see about the calls, now I've given them my mobile instead of my home number, they'll be a lot easier to ignore, as with my mobile, unless the number's stored in my phonebook, they shouldn't be calling me (regardless of who it is, I don't answer any unknown / withheld numbers on my mobile - that's assuming I hear it in the first place, as it's almost always on silent & now I am switching it off when I am s
  13. I shall stop speaking to them I promise. I also do not have any "extra" finances available of a month either, because I've already sat & worked that out, oddly enough, just as an exercise, when my brother had financial problems, & DCA's knocking, & I discovered the information he needed in order to make them a "reasonable offer"...so they'd be lucky to get £1 a month, I just don't have it. But don't CCJ's enable them to take things from your home, in the event you can't pay them money? Not that I should be paying them anything mind you, as I promise you, I do not o
  14. Hello, I did indeed attempt some sleep, I've not had loads, but enough for now. I have already posted all the details here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/213853-help-needed-advantis.html To clarify, JD WILLIAMS - Simply Be, is a catalogue company. The debt is not mine, as although I ordered items from them, they were never delivered, I had no (to my knowledge) contact from Simply Be, in the few months after the order that I was still at the property, (ordered in June, moved in September, as temporary homeless acommodation) Although I liv
  15. I think the thing that threw me the most was that the chap I spoke to yesterday at Advantis, seemed to be trying to help me, by explaining, that they'd not ignored the dispute, they just don't agree one based on the age of account, so they won't go & find the proof of delivery etc I've asked for via the DCA. This is what also worries me about the "deny all knowledge" letter, as I've already on the phone, admitted to a) being me at my address & b) ordering the goods, BUT NEVER receiving them. SO how can the "no knowledge" letter work? PLUS the account was sent to the DCA's Litigation te
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