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  1. Didn't realise I would be missed. To be honest I have been very busy with other more important things so haven't looked at this forum for a very long time. Am sitting here in the sun with friends having a drink by the sea, so much better and more interesting.
  2. No, they are just not on the sites! Here we go again. All UW reps are "cheesy" "liars" "not to be trusted" bla bla bla...............I can assure you I am none of these and the majority of Distributors I know also don't fall into these catagories either, in fact many are intelligent, professional people including Police, Vets, Teachers etc. The important thing is that they have chosen, after careful consideration i'm sure, to do something which they see as being of benefit to them. Better to try than to just constantly knock these things, saying they don't work and trying to get everyone else into the same negative mindset. I get it that you don't think they are a good company and the business doesn't work, you are entitled to your opinion which I assume is based on experience and I respect that opinion.
  3. Hi Nevos. Regarding your points/questions. Firstly, almost no distributor is going to sign up customers for gas/electric only, it isn't worth it and the customer does benefit more when taking telephony & energy. As has been said before, UW are not an energy company but a multi-services company. Commission depends on a couple of things but the average customer would generally = £3.50 - 4.00pm. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I presume you mean when a customer gets into debt? If so, it isn't a problem I have ever really had because I recommend to all my customers that they send in a monthly meter reading and either check their bill each month to check for a build-up of credit/debit or they pay off in full each month based on the reading. You are partly right for those who built up a big team which is continuing to grow. (The biggest earner is on £75K+) however...there are many who have joined in recent years who are also building up a good business/income too. The market is huge. I think you could compare it any other business. Supermarkets for example. From Tesco/Sainsburys to Waitrose/M&S ...all provide food etc and some are more expensive than others however, all continue to attract new and existing customers. It is the same for all types of business, rarely is there one company who stand out in all areas above the rest. UW provide some great services/prices and generally great customer services (but as we know problems do occur). It suits some, it doesn't suit some, that's the way it is.
  4. Nevos, some of your comments are valid but not all. Regarding mobile phones, when I started in the business i didn't really push them because I didn't think my customers or potential customers would benefit hugely, there were many better deals around but....that is not the case now, the new tariffs are fantastic! You mention the £200 start up. This is extremely cheap when you consider the potential earnings. Also, you can get your money back as many are now doing so you can effectively start for FREE. There are a few ongoing costs but they are not high, and if you started your own business (plumber, builder, restaurant etc etc) your start-up costs would beway more and your ongoing costs also. Can you run any business without ongoing costs?? I don't think so. You mention "cold calling." Why would you need to be doing that? However, should you choose to so, if your calls are FREE, it doesn't actually cost you anything does it? UW are not the only company who don't pay uswitch, I know Tesco didn't for one (whether that has now changed I don't know). I have found that uswitch will offer you a cheaper option to the one you are on but not necessarily the cheapest! As I said before, it isn't for everyone but the fact is, like it or not, it does work and there are many people earning a fantastic income now to prove it. .
  5. Spookman01, thanks for your feedback, it's interesting to hear an independent observation. I have to say I don't disagree with anything you said. The "lifestyle" is obviously an important factor after all, it's the reason everyone works isn't it, to pay the bills etc and have enough money left over to do what you want. Not everyone wants to be "Rich" and drive a Ferrari, and for some an extra £100pm every month is all they need to do or pay for something extra without having to worry about it. This does become evident during training and also from the application forms and certain things you can or can't do, especially in relation to the energy market. Anyone caught deliberately mis-selling would be terminated. The restriction on advertising for example is an obvious safeguard to ensure there are no false or even slightly misleading claims being made. Only until you have 50 after which you receive full commission every month regardless of whether or not you have done anything that month. The thing is, everybody has a different idea of what is "success" which is probably why they don't go into it and certainly why they don't say "I earn £ xxx" because as I said above, some will be happy with an extra £100pm, others may want £1,000pm and others as much as they can get. The potential is only limited by your own individual commitment. Like you said, self employment isn't for everybody. I have met many people over the years who have said ..I really want to do xxxxx" or "I really want to earn £ XXX" but when it comes down to it, make no real effort to achieve it. But this doesn't just apply to UW or MLM in general, it applies to life overall.
  6. Hi spookman01, I haven't been on here for a long time but having read your post I thought I would just say......do make up your own mind and don't be swayed by the negative comments of others. Is it something you would be happy to do? Can you see the medium/long term benefits it offers? The business does work but it isn't for everybody. You need to be self motivated and willing to work the business consistently, be that 2 hrs a week or 5 hrs a week. UW now offer a "price guarantee" to new customers and their new mobile deals are cheaper than just about everybody else. I have never "hassled" friends and family. Sure I mentioned it to many of them and some did become customers (a couple of friends became distributors too) but if they weren't interested then I left it at that. I still have customers after 5 and 6 years, happy customers, but the majority of my customers are people I had never previously met. Only you can decide if it is for you. Consider your situation/circumstances now (and how you see your future) and if you think it is worth a try, then go for it. You can get your small investment returned in full as many are now doing and then the business owes you nothing, so whether you earn £50pm or £10,000pm (in time) doesn't really matter a great deal. If you don't think it is for you then walk away, there are other ways to earn money I guess. Hope this helps.
  7. Kia, if you have serious doubts then don't do it, simple! I am a distributor with UW and have always found them to be excellent (that is from a customer point of view and not because I am a distributor). I have only ever had 2 customers who weren't happy with the way a problem was resolved, unfortunately it happens. You should have been advised of the cancellation fee but come on, £10 to get out of the contract as opposed to how ever many months you may still have to run which is what the others do. [advertising] I agree there are a lot of posts relating to UW but if you take away the many, many individual arguments, comments aimed at distributors etc etc I think you will find that actual genuine posts relating to a topic would reduce that 500 pages to less than half. At the end of the day, the decision is yours. UW are no worse than any other company out there, but you can always go elsewhere and sign up for a 12 or 18 month contract with someone else. I await the "lovely comments" which I will no doubt receive.
  8. Not sure how that is going to help? A new line cost money and he will still be in contract with Sky who will still want their money.
  9. Not sure I have ever come across this before, usually most companies will release you on receipt of any termination fee. I would suggest checking your original terms and conditions, if you don't have them then why not contact Sky as a "potential customer" and after finding out the price of their services, ask them what the procedure would be if you wanted to terminate early (and get their name).
  10. piggybilling, I am surprised at your comment saying it is the "blind leading the blind". There is detailed training available on all UW products as well as how to talk to potential customers and what you shouldn't do, and this training is available to all distributors who after attending their first (and compulsory) training session can re attend as many times as they wish until they are completely familiar with everything. In general, most distributors do have a very good knowledge, however, there will always be those who "can't be bothered" to keep up with changes etc and so end up confusing everything.
  11. Hi Littleun, no, you didn't upset me. Whilst I may have "a vested interest" I don't like bad customer service, even if it is UW. I have posted many times before as you say but I don't think I have ever said anything to defend the company just because I am a UW distributor. Some things I have read aren't good from the point of view of the company and I believe I have said as much, but equally, I don't like unfair or untrue statements (and I have seen a few of those too). That said, i think we all want and expect good service. I agree, which is why I said "is it" and ended with a question mark.
  12. Bad customer service is very irritating no matter who the company is. I have to say though that a "Fair user policy" is pretty standard on just about every "unlimited" phone/internet deal I have seen on the market. To be making 50 hours of phone calls in 22 days is almost unbelievable. Allowing 8 hrs for sleeping would mean 50 hrs of calls in a 352 hr period including mealtimes and anything else a normal person does in the course of a day. Is it being used for business I wonder? Just a though although it still isn't an excuse for poor customer service.
  13. Forget the £4.99, tell them they actually owe you money for the "failed appointments" when you took time off work and they didn't bother to show!
  14. Yep! And every other company out there too. UW do not have the monopoly. I have rarely read anything positive about any company on these forums, people only come on when they have a problem.
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