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  1. listening to the pet shop boys - se a vida é (that's the way life is)
  2. the numbers wouldnt add up, millions of children would need to rehomed. the mistreatment horror stories would be a mile high
  3. it has its positives and negatives, it can be anoyying at times!
  4. excellent idea I have been meaning to do this! for ages!
  5. Hi Che the company is in london where I am. where are you based? hopefully in london too!? The turnover of the company was about £30m. Yes! with all those resources they should be able to do a watertight contract. If they cant be bothered they should feel the full force of the consequences of their laziness. The company is a sneaky company! Thanks!
  6. Ah I see where you are coming from, yes I did sign it and I sent it back to them. What you note is definately what I am arguing. The offer letter prevails, and it says after the probation period ends the notice period is two months. My contract was terminated nearly a week after the extended probabtion period ended. Also the letter advising of the extention of the probabtion period says notice is a week *during* the probabtion period. Do you think this + the contra proferentem advantage you mentioned would be enought to argue it sucessfully at tribunal? Especially taking account of point 19.3 in the SMT? Thanks so much for the help Che!
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