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  1. Thanks Kelcou, Theres only one other gp practice nearby and from what ive heard thats no better. Got my appeal form and statement faxed through today, here goez!
  2. Thanks for your support honey bee, it really means alot
  3. Thanks Mikey. I have a Doctors appointment for tomorrow, but the thing is that I havn't been for a while. My doctor for years left and now theyre all locums,who I found incredibly difficult to talk to because theyre unfamiliar with my medical history, so I'm unsure if they could or would write an effective report. The two main reasons I stopped going to the doctors besides that are. Shortly after my doctor left I did see another one who (to cut a long story short) broke the doc- patient (I dont know what you call it) but anyway, I complained to the head of practice and she (discreetly)
  4. Thanks Honeybee, I read your posts so i know you understand. You just feel so powerless. The whole system is so unjust. I still cant get my head around the fact that they've changed my answers. How cant you fight against that? how can they get away with it? Im am completely stunned :-/
  5. Thanks Mickey, I was kind of expecting the worst, thanks anyway
  6. Hi, I wrote a while back about missing a medical because i was ill, I sent the form off to explain why and they accepted it. When I went to the re arranged medical low and behold they never had my questionaire there, which contained a lot of details that i knew i wouldnt remember at the medical. Anyway at this medical the doctor wouldnt allow me to ellaborate on a lot of things, he just said it didnt matter that it was all just routine. I had a bad feeling! And surprise surprise i get the letter today telling me ive been found fit for work etc. What I cant believe is that most of the answe
  7. oh yeah sent the form off this morning 1st class btw
  8. Hi Mikey, Im not sure which it is to be honest, im on income support with the disability premium, been on it for well over 5 years, but not sure if that makes it SDA
  9. Thanks Mikey, Looks like I'm in for a whole lot of pain :-/
  10. Hi, im new here and not sure if this is the right place to post, but i hope someone can help. I missed my medical for income support on Monday, because I couldn't face going into town where the medical was to take place. I have problems getting out of the house (Not because of any phisical prob) I phoned the medical place to explain but i had to leave a msg on the answer machine, but theres no way i could explain why I'd missed it, so I left my number. Anyway, I get a letter from jobcentre plus asking me why I'd missed the medical and if my reason isnt good enough, then they may stop
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