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  1. Can anyone shed some light on this... Today is 14 days after Barclaycard received my LBA and I have heard absolutely nothing off them. Do I go on as planned ie start moneyclaim or give them a week or two longer. Is this standard procedure with them??
  2. Thanks all for your advise. ill keep you posted. ;-)
  3. Hi Nightstar. Yes I have had statements and have sent my Refund letter on 17.07.06. I think they are using delay tactics. Think I will stick to the original plan and send LBA on 03.08.06. That way they won't think they can walk all over me as they have in the past!!!
  4. Hi I have received a letter from Barclays in reply to my refund request. It is from a Mike Brophy. It reads: I refer to your recent letter regarding the charges you have incurred. All correspondance has now been passed to me in accordance with our internal compliants process. I am committed to resolving your complaint as quickly as possible and will investigate the matter thoroughly with due regard to your comments. I expect to be able to contact you again by 15 August. Please find enclosed a copy of our complaints leaflet which explains how we deal with this ma
  5. Hi Everyone I am at the LBA stage. Worked out RBS owe me £1024.80. Had a letter today saying they are not going to refund me blah blah blah... Have just typed out my LBA. Im going to send it to the South Gyle Crescent address and also a copy to my local branch. Not sure what to do after the 14 days are up cos this site is huge and Work full time and looking after family. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. I will read the FAQ AGAIN. So much to take in as I am suing Barclays, Barclaycard & Capital One also. Good Luck to everyone out there and remember that the more people
  6. Hi there I have also had my reply off them today saying that they have no intentions of refunding me etc etc. I'm a bit worried but am assuming that this is the standard letter they have been sending out to everyone who has claimed. Gonna start off my own thread see if I can get some help cos not 100% sure about the stage after LBA. I've been surfing the site for a few weeks now but there is that much info on here it's quite hard to take it all in to be honest and working full time and looking after a family also doesn't help. Just wanna say good luck and keep us posted I will be followin
  7. Thank you for you advise . I will be spending all day tomorrow with my highlighter pen working out how much they have stolen off me. Will keep you posted. Think its gonna be alot there's Six years worth of statements to go through. Can I just ask one question..... When and if I do get my charges refunded will the bank then stop charging me in this way?? Just wondering if all this protest is gonna make them change their ways.! Hope So. They have been getting away with this for far too long! XX
  8. Hi everyone I AM NEW TO THIS AND WOULD APPRECIATE ALL THE HELP I CAN GET...I WILL POST ON HERE MY PROGRESS AS IT HAPPENS.................... Received my statements today with only one day to go before the 40 days was up. You wanna see them. They were fronted with a letter saying 'you'll notice that the copy is not an exact duplicate of your original statement. This is because we produce copies of bank statements in a slightly different way'. The writing is tiny and at a quick glance the charges do not stand out like they did on my RBS statements. It's gonna take me ages to sort throu
  9. Hi Funny that. I was just maoning to my boyfriend the other day that why does it cost £4.00 for not paying by direct debit. It's absolutely scandulous. Is there anything we can do about this ?? I must admit I have never complained about it but think I will do and anyone else out there in the same situation. Lets sort these big companies out......I hate direct debits and banks. If I didn't need a bank account to have my wages paid into i wouldn't have one. Banks do nothing but rob you blind...... x
  10. I got mine 2 weeks before the 40 day deadline. Not had anything off Barclays yet tho, they sent me a letter tho saying they are three weeks behind because they have had such high demand.
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