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  1. Thanks! I know how much you love RBS LOL!
  2. Hi I have had 3 "wins" on mis-sold loan PPI. Each time I was asked to sign a form stating that I accepted the refund in full and final settlement. However, having recently seen the FOS approach to PPI refunds I believe that RBS has not re-paid the full amount. Do you think it's pointless to try and re-visit this? Should I ask the FOS? I imagine RBS will say "too bad - you signed the form". Any advice welcome! Thanks.
  3. But are they not meant to retain records for 5 years from the date there was a last transaction? Last payment was made in Oct 05 so the five years is not up. First payment was made in Sept 04.
  4. sorry - to clarify, meant that even if issue a SAR they won't find the info.
  5. Hi On my credit file I have info on a loan. However only the last 4 digits of the account is there plus payment start/end dates. I have sent off this info requesting PPI from the Bank (I know I took out PPI) but the Bank has said that they hold no info on the account. I have not issued a SAR but am worried that it's gone walkabout.. Any ideas how to proceed? Thanks!
  6. I had no problem receiving pay out on my Dorothy Perkins storecard run by Santander as this was opened post 2005. However they have refused on my Frasers card. Same circumstances - pushy sales person with no financial training. The reason I understand is cos the FLA who deal with pre 2005 claims are useless. I am going to raise a court action as I reckon they cannot justify repayment on one card and not on the other when the circumstance surrounding the complaints are identical.
  7. I second that. I have not heard of anyone who has been successful against RBS on credit cards. I asked them why they are paying out on loans that date back to the 1990s and they said because any discussion on PPI was effectively a one off in the case of loans whereas with CCs there are monthly statements issued that show the PPI amount. That is their defence I think (along with timescales).
  8. Hi Molly I have also lodged 3 complaints with FOS for RBS CCs. Please keep us updated!
  9. Hi If the CC provider has an agreement with a PPI provider it is likely there is a beneficial financial relationship. If so, should this not be disclosed under a SAR request? And does that mean that commission could recovered in addition to the PPI by the consumer? Just a thought but would welcome any views.
  10. I have been successful on 3 RBS loans in the last wee while. 2 of them took @ 12 weeks and they sent letters as per above. Sometimes the delay is caused by the local branch being slow to send out the info - esp if the loans are old. Hang in there!
  11. With my Egg CC it took @ 10days from submitting the claim and receiving the refund against the card balance.
  12. Have just requested all my statements so will check. Thanks!
  13. All, I have just received confirmation that my CC PPI claim has been successful. Not bad since I wrote to Egg 2 weeks ago. They state that the repayments = £2895.55 and that the 8% interest = £251.79. I just wondered - does the interest sound enough? Thanks.
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