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  1. I am on a park in North Wales and I have just called to find out what it would cost to have my caravan disconnected (out of curiosity) and it is £250 (then obviously VAT). I know of some friends that have caravans in on other parks in the area and £250 is by far the cheapest. Some parks are even charging £2000 ! ! ! (Marine Holiday Park apparently) Im greatful the park Im on is fair and not too greedy.
  2. All I would say, in my experience, the screamer never gets the help and support that the patient do. What I mean is, these people that deal with the concerns and complaints are just like you and me. Normal people, and if you express your worries and concerns (and complaints) in a polite and official manner, they are more likely to resolve your issues, rather than what most of us would like to do. Which is start screaming and "kicking off". Hope it works out for you
  3. Sorry. Bill to be paid by 1st of April. You were only a full month and a bit late! ! sigh
  4. I think your destroying this tread all by yourself. You are incapable of holding a valid argument. You just throw rules and big words at it to avoid answering the real questions.
  5. Im sorry, but I dont believe you. I know fees are due in March, not April. So thats a lie straight away. AND you paid a LARGE portion aswell eh. I would have thought you would have mentioned that in your original thread. . . . . if it were true! Give it up red. Start telling the truth and stop digging.
  6. No Comment to what Just-ice? Unlike yourself, Im always happy to answer any question. I seen the little dance you do to avoid Monchenblues's questions. You were getting good at avoiding them too . I had a chat about it and it isint that much. At the end of the day, I knew the site fees when I bought, and if I wasnt happy with them, I wouldnt have bought. You cant dampen my spirits with all your negativity. :grin:
  7. That doesnt sound fair, but thats not true neither, is it. You had to pay by March, and you still didnt pay in May. Thats alot more than 2 days. And I find it very difficult to believe it was without warning. I myself in the past have had difficulty with bills, but I still got warnings of what would happen if I didnt pay. This is all fair enough. No pay, no play. We all know the rules. :oops: Love the smiley faces!
  8. I would love this thread top stay open. I think its great. None of my emails of late have been abusive or insulting. Merely just observations. Hey, while your here, answer my questions about how long you had to pay your bills. They had to be paid march and you posted in May. No wonder you were asked to leave. It was the right call. You cant live, stay or rent anywhere these days without paying. Why should you be different.
  9. Yeah. Me and the rest of the "management" eh lol. Is that the best you can come up with. Havent we been here before? lol. You crack me up :)
  10. They just all happen to be the same person, or atr least a couple of them are the same person. Aint that right catweasel, on your "other computers" lol.
  11. Look like we wont be enjoying a beer with jacktherat soon. Im sure someone else be more than happy to take up his/her plot. Someone that like the rest of us, will make the most of it, and enjoy it. Good times ahead I see
  12. Thats what Im taking about. lol. Do we have a couple of logins aswel Catweasel, or is it just-ice, or are we jacktherat at the moment? lol. :D:-o
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