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  1. Hi, I sent my letter refusing to accept the part 36 offer also. I posted this a couple of days ago and will keep you updated on anything I recieve back.
  2. Maybe you should let us know what you said in your LOD, and we could all try the same response! haa Hopefully they will then leave everyone else alone! On no forgot that may be classed as a template then, and we know they only allow templates for themselves!!
  3. Exactly, not sure why they are charging everyone different amounts, as mine started as £501, and after I sent the first LOD Template letter, it went upto £625. Other people have sent a reply and had there fee reduced to £425, therefore not sure why these figures are so different for everyone. Surely if your being sued for losses, that figure should be the same for everyone. I think they are making this up as they go along. To prevent the reponse I got advising they will not accept what i,m saying at face value because I have used a template off the internet, I would suggest you add some
  4. I,m wondering if you add some of your own words into the template letter, they give you a reduced fee, where if your like me and you dont add anything additional they bump it up. Did anyone else who only used to template get an increased fee? Just incase I have added a whole paragraph in my own words! Haa
  5. Have they not realised any losses they have are because the song is so bad!! I mean I hadn't even heard of it, and looked it up on you tube. Surely anyone who takes a look at that, can see why they are at a loss!! Maybe we can get our own back on ACS LAW and stand outside their offices and play it all day haaa!! Problem is I couldnt bear to listen for that long, a few minutes on 'you tube' was enough for me!
  6. I wonder where they are getting these figures from, as yours has gone down and mine has gone up from £501 to £625. Whats that all about?
  7. Thankyou, your response has made me feel a lot better. I will send the second LOD template as there is no way I will pay money I haven't got for something I know I didn't do. As for amo, I dont even know if my ex partner did do this either, but he is the only other person who had access to the internet in my home. Saying that it still doesn't make him guilty, as there appears to be a lot of innocent people receiving these letters. How can they say as the internet bill payer, I am supposed to monitor usage of my internet whilst i,m working full time and looking after a child. This just isn't
  8. If I do not pay this within the specified time, can they take me to court to pay this if i,m not guilty in the first place? I dont see why I should be forced to settle something i,m not guilty of in the first place.
  9. Thanks for your response. I,m not sure of the best way to deal with this, I have used a template to respond the first time, and now have a letter saying they are disinclined to accept at face value what I have said as it is a generic response. They have increased the Offer Sum to £625, and advise if I do not accept the offer sum, they will rely on CPR 36.14 if the matter proceeds to court. Does anyone know what this means? Also I know people have advised to keep your reply to a minimum, but do I need to advise my ex partner regularly used my internet, or do I wait untill they try and
  10. Hi, I too received my second letter from ACS Law, and they have also increased the amount from £500 to £625. I dont know what to do about this, as i,m being accused of downloading a scooter song!! I dont even like this type of music, and would certainly not download it! I know I am completely innocent, but I have an ex boyfriend who was the main user of my internet connection. I do not know if he is responsible for this. I,m a single mum and worrying about this now, as I cant afford to pay for expensive solicitors or court costs. Any advice would be appreciated.
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