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  1. Thanks everyone… I think I just panicked because I have never got 2 so close together. And the fact they are not even showing as an outstanding debt on my credit file, worried me (MBNA aren’t even on there). I will keep ignoring… For as long as humanly possible… Then HOPEFULLY by the time letter Tennis starts, it will take me into the 6yr holy gate. I will keep you updated should the ‘bottom feeders’ contact me again. xXx
  2. ... SQN are the donkeys for EquiDebt, after a bit of light googling... EquiDebt are the 'Big Guns'. I'm inclined to return to sender, as if I admit I am me.... It will start a long line of letter tennis... Prob resulting in me being broke, again. AND as for the discounts, they sent a letter last year offering it as less than half price!! Just none of the letters have been as 'scary looking' as these two... if that makes sense. xXx
  3. Have these bottom feeders basically brought a debt? Do you reckon I could hold them off for 2 yrs, lol... Try and go for the 6 yrs!! ... Also explains why Equidebt searched my file numerous times in a 3 month period.
  4. ... Well, Can't scan, as scanner has decided to play up... Typical. They have sent one EquiDebt, 'Written as they have contacted me before'... Basically, you owe this amount - please contact us to set up an arrangement. I returned to sender, as I have done with the letters from SQN, ''looking for this person on urgent matter''. Now they have sent another SQN, saying... Our correspondence recently sent to the above address has been returned to us marked as GONE AWAY. Then in HUGH LETTERS, it says: ''OUR INVESTIGATIONS INDICATE THAT YOU ARE STILL A RESIDENT AT THE ADDRE
  5. I wrote to Virgin in 2007 and asked them to write off the debt or delare me bancrupt, due to EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES... I was hospitalised for over a 6 month period & provided Virgin with medical reports that for 2 years I wouldn't be able to work.... I got NO REPLY. I decided to get my credit file & see IF I owed Vigin anything... would have been around £3000... But they where not on there, so I presumed that they had 'written it off'. Then I get this letter after nearly two years of sending back, ''we are trying to locate my name'' letters from SQN, who I now know are own
  6. I think it was August 2007 {just before I moved here}... Do I send a 'Prove it letter'? I really can't afford to pay anything... I live on the bread line as it is, and as a single person, I don't get any help/tax credits etc, nothing. :'(
  7. HELP! Received a threatening letter from EquiDebt & Debt isn’t on my credit file with Experian. I have received a letter from Equidebt and they are saying they have evidence I live at my current address {must have been from Experian} and I owe MBNA over £4,000!! I have lived here for nearly 4 years & got my credit file last month & nothing for MBNA or ANYTHING near that amount was on my file... In fact, ALL accounts were registered as ‘Satisfactory’… NOTHING had MBNA, nor was anything near this amount. What do I do?? SURELY, if this is a registered debt it would
  8. Hi, I phone them {withhold my number} and tell them that the person no longer lives here!! They ask my details – I say no as I don’t know who you are or what you want. They ask if I have a forwarding address – I say no, this is a council property, ask the council. They then leave me alone… until another 6 months pass & they send another letter! VERY SLY… They searched my credit file, NUMEROUS times in just a 3 month period!!
  9. Thanks for the info... I'll do that..! But what or who is the ICO {sorry I'm Blonde, lol.}
  10. WHY are they allowed to do this?? I have just got my credit file & seen the had they have 12 x 'Unrecorded Enquiry' entries ... Why are they allowed to do this?? I dont OWE THEM money?!?!! they are just a bottom feeder making money from people who are already in debt!! I have also seen 3 defaults, all of which I thought would be Stat Barred by now... As last contact was over 6 years ago... But the defalts were only registered 1st 2007, 2nd 2009 & 3rd THIS YEAR!!! Does this mean I have to wait ANOTHER 6 years for these to 'fall off' or can I contact them that the de
  11. Thought I'd update you all! Every 6 months or so I get a letter for them, either at my address or my parents address I just call them {private number each time} and say she does not live here & NO don't know where she is!! I then get a letter to offer to clear the old debt at half the price of the original amount!! I then call them & say SHE IS NOT HERE... And they go away for awhile!! Hoping I can use this tatic for another 1.5yrs & then the will be Stat Barred... If we can still do that! lol.
  12. ... I received a SECOND one... Exactly the same on Wednesday... Just THREE working days later... I returned it to sender..!! If they can not have the decency to SAY what it is they want I will not reply..!! I'm not even on the electrol roll here, after just moving... Nor do I have ANY bills in my name, so not sure HOW they got this address... Underhand tactics they have indeed. xXx
  13. Hi I'm a newbie too. I found this... I believe it to be the letter you send once they don't send a vaild cca. Re: my request under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOURSELVES OR ANY COMPANY YOU MAY REPRESENT & THE ACCOUNT IS DISPUTE..!! Thank you for your recent letter sent to me, the contents of which are noted. I appreciate your quick response to my original letter. However, the reply received by me does not fulfil your requirements under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. The Act demands that I be supplied with a true copy of any properl
  14. Hi all, When sending a letter for a CCA {found template on here}... What exactly is it the CCA {if it arrives} needs to supply..? {if you can explain in 'bimbo' language, that would be great, lol}. I just need to know so WHEN they reply... with or without one {I have the second template ready for if one doesn't arrive}... But have NO idea what a 'enforceable' one should contain. I have also today received a letter from SQN ..? ''Trying to locate me'' & can I call them They have more chance $h*t*ng on the moon than me calling them..! ... Looks like another debt coming to
  15. ... Oh & too my knowledge NEVER dealt with 'Cabot' like the others have said..?? Unless an old debt has been passed down twice..?? Can that happen..?? Thanks in advance.
  16. Hi... I have just come home to one of these letters..!! I do have a few dca after me... sadly NOT stat barred..!! I wont be contacting them... there is NO info on the ''contact urgent'' letter... WHEN they contact me again do I send the ''I do not acknowledge any debt... please send signed contract'' letter..?? xXx
  17. Hi, I was just wondering how you are getting on/got on with this..? I am having the same problems myself with capital one..!! They NEVER reply to a single letter... Just constantly sent automated letters..!! So frustrating..!!!! Hope you have now got your issue sorted.
  18. ... Does this mean are defaults etc ''fall off'' after this date..??? :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D
  19. I believe they are... Only are realising due to this site... As I have not contacted or heard from them in 7 years... Now I'm in a position to get a mortgage etc, just wanna make sure my report is now clear. Thanks for your help...!!! xXx
  20. Hi, I got my Credit Report today & have noticed that MBNA {I did owe them money - over 7 years old} & a company called LOWELL { NO IDEA WHO they are..???} Have searched my report SEVERAL times in the last 2 years..??? I haven't given any of these companies permission to do this, even those I owed money too - as I have avioded them for the last 7 years. Can they do this...? I thought your credit file can ONLY be accessed IF you give permission there & then ONLY...? Thanks in Advance..! xXx
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