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  1. Hi I started the process with Barclaycard back in August, when the first letter was sent, 2nd letter was sent in September. At the same time I was progressing with my Barclays claim, which I have now subsequently won so the Barclaycard claim was put on the back burner until now. I would like to know if I should now go straight to the Moneyclaim stage, even after four months or should I re-send the first two letters again.
  2. Hi Fullyskinted Barclays settled in full to the last penny. Good luck with your claim.
  3. Please can a moderator add this to the successful claims thread, thanks.
  4. Hi everyone First update and what’s been happening- Sent letter recorded delivery to Barclays in response to the court order on Friday 15th December, checked on the Monday that letter had been received. On the Tuesday I then tried calling the number on the defence form and found this was a invalid number, I eventually worked out what the number should be and was put through Adrian Ruffhead, however he was not there so I left a voice mail for him to call me, called again the next day and again left a voice mail, called again on the third day and was able to speak to Mr Ruffhead, he was aw
  5. Thanks Michael I will send off this letter and keep you all posted on what happens next.. Helen
  6. Hi again Well I have drafted a letter to Barclays to try and negotiate a settlement, as it seems to me the Judge wants me to do this before a court date will be set. Please, if anyone has time can they review this before I send it? From reading other Barclay threads it seems most people have got a Court date at this point and start to gather the Court bundle. I suppose it depends on the Court. I plan on calling Barclays next week to start a verbal negotiation Thanks in advance.... Helen Adrian Ruffhead Litigation and Disputes Level 29 One Churchill Place
  7. Update: I sent off the AQ by the date specified, I then got a letter from the court saying that Barclays must send their completed AQ by 22 Nov 06 or defence will be struck out. Next I got another letter from court on 29 Nov 06 with the following, I am not sure if this is standard, when checking other threads I could not find one with this response from a court. ON 16 November 2006 District Judge XXXXX sitting at Falkland House, 25 Southway, Colchester, Essex considered the papers in the case and ordered that: (1) The Claim is allocated to the Small Claims Track
  8. Thanks Michael, so I do need to request allocation to small claims track. I will fill in now so I can post in the morning, and send a copy of the charges as I read in another thread the case may get stayed. Thanks again Helen
  9. Update: Barclays have finally defended my claim and I have until 11 Nov to complete Allocation Questionnaire. I am confused as to what to put in section G other information. Do I have to ask for my claim to go to the small claims track here? I have read the help on filling in the AC form from jonni2bad and it says 'You may wish to add reasons why the case is more suitable for Small Claims Track if your claim value exceeds £5,000 or provide reasoning why the other side should provide evidence of their costs! You could include similar text to this....' However my claim does not exceed
  10. Thanks for that Madam Ra and good luck next week! Bring it on Barclays:cool:
  11. Hi Story so far: Sent first letter asking for money back on 5 July, received standard letter on 11 July saying they are looking into the matter and will respond no later than 7 August. 4 August received offer for half my bank charges amounting to £550 (I don't think so!). Letter before Action was sent on 9 August to which I received a reply on 18 August saying this was their final offer. 21 September issued Moneyclaim against Barclays, and I am at moment waiting for them to defend which no doubt they will as 14 days up this Thursday (5 Oct). I have a question, since I filled i
  12. Hi I am ready to take on Barclaycard however I have a question. If you have two barclaycards, I have a Visa (£110 LP Fees)and Mastercard (£330 LP Fees) do I have to make two claims or just the one? Thanks for any help. H
  13. Should I accept the partial refund and continue to claim the rest of the charges in the LBA letter? The form to sign states 'I accept the sum of £550 in full and final settlement of my claim against Barclays Bank Plc'.
  14. Hi Sent first letter to Barclays on 5 July asking for £1106 of fees plus overdraft interest back. A week later got a standard 'sorry you're not happy with the level of our service' (that's a understatement), however they are looking into my concerns and would respond no later than 7 August. This was one month after the date of my letter! As I was on holiday in the last two weeks of July I have been unable to chase them or send the next letter, however got back from holiday and found a standard goodwill gesture letter offering almost half my fees back of £550 waiting for me. Now the balls
  15. I have worked out the charges on my account and I have downloaded the spreadsheet from the templates library provided by Vampress (which does make this easier to understand, thanks) and completed this according to the instructions. However I have found when there have been several charges in an 'interest month' the calculations are coming up as more than the monthly interest charge. For example in one month I had three charges of 25.00 total 75.00, the overdraft interest charge for this period was 8.83 on a end balance of -1,093.50, the spreadsheet calculates for each charge the interest would
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